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Zottos in Rampage Godzilla
Alternate names Zottosu
Species Peanut-like Monster
Allies Sugon, Gyottos, Osoros, Anguirus
Enemies None
First appearance Rampage Godzilla

Zottos (ゾットス,   Zottosu) is a peanut-like kaiju who first appeared in the 1955 Godzilla manga, Rampage Godzilla.


Zottos resembles a peanut, with its body shape and the spots all over his body. He also has arms and legs, and a tail.


Rampage Godzilla

Godzilla wanted to become stronger, so he sought out the help of a group of monsters, Zottos being among them. Zottos is first seen entering a harbour with his friends, where he levitates a ship into the air. All of the monsters fought together, and Zottos was left dizzy after Godzilla slammed Zottos and Sugon together.


  • Zottos can levitate heavy objects by pointing at them.



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