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Amhuluk in Godzilla Dominion
Alternate names Inundator
Titanus Amhuluk
Species Giant amphibious telekinetic florafauna
Height 379 feet[1]
Place(s) of emergence Manpupuner rock formations, Komi Republic, Russia
Controlled by King Ghidorah
Enemies Behemoth, Godzilla
First appearance Latest appearance
Godzilla: King of the Monsters Monsterverse Declassified
The inundator acknowledges.

— Narrator as Amhuluk submits to Godzilla (Godzilla Dominion)

Amhuluk (アムルック,   Amurukku) is a Titan first mentioned in the 2019 film Godzilla: King of the Monsters. He made his physical debut in the 2021 Legendary graphic novel Godzilla Dominion.

Awakened by King Ghidorah's alpha call in 2019, Amhuluk escaped from the Monarch outpost surrounding him in the Komi Republic. He was later pacified when Madison Russell activated the Orca in Fenway Park. Sometime later, Amhuluk encroached on Behemoth's territory in the Amazon rainforest, but was confronted by Godzilla and convinced to leave.


Amhuluk is named after a water monster from the folklore of the Kalapuya tribe in Oregon. The creature, described as a horned dragon covered in spotted fur, was associated with drowning, disease, and the malarial fog.[2] Monarch gave Amhuluk the Titan designation Titanus Amhuluk.


A corpse inspired by Drew Edward Johnson's rejected Amhuluk design (below Godzilla) in Godzilla Dominion

Godzilla Dominion artist Drew Edward Johnson originally envisioned Amhuluk as a creature "made up of quite a lot of giant eels, bound together by biological tendrils." According to Johnson, "the idea didn't work," but he included a dead Titan based on the scrapped design in a graveyard of creatures on the seafloor that Godzilla swims by in one panel, liking the idea of his unused designs going there to die.[3]


Amhuluk's body is a bulky, semi-humanoid form with four legs and tree root-like feet. His body is made out of a mass of plants that resemble logs or roots bundled together. Blue-colored tendrils cover his body and large, dead trees protrude from his back. The plant matter that makes up his body appears to be dead and is grayish-brown in color. Amhuluk has a dark blue fish-like face with two large, yellow glowing eyes, as well as eight smaller eyes positioned around them. Amhuluk's teeth are long and sharp and point straight down, with his throat emitting a blue glow. His tongue is narrow and stinger-tipped, and two sets of backward-facing squid-like tentacles protrude from his head.


Amhuluk appears to be hostile towards other Titans aside from Godzilla, as he was seen violently fighting Behemoth. He typically roams shorelines, sometimes disguising himself as part of the landscape.[1]


Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Amhuluk was among the Titans awakened by King Ghidorah's alpha call and escaped from Monarch Outpost 66 in the Manpupuner Rock Formations. He was pacified when Madison Russell activated the Orca in Fenway Park.



Godzilla Dominion

Amhuluk fought with Behemoth in the Amazon rainforest. Amhuluk split one of Behemoth's tusks with a single slash from his hand. Behemoth struck at Amhuluk with his other tusk, only for the Titan to retaliate with a punch. Amhuluk grabbed onto Behemoth's other tusk and began to drag him along the river. After having sensed Behemoth and Amhuluk's battle, Godzilla made his way to the river. When he arrived, he watched the two Titans battling and decided to intervene. Amhuluk continued to drag Behemoth, but was shoved into a nearby shoreline by Godzilla. Godzilla roared at Amhuluk, prompting the Titan to leave the area.

Monsterverse Declassified

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According to Godzilla Dominion artist Drew Johnson, Amhuluk is merely a head and spine; the rest of his "body" is a telekinetically-assembled mass of plants,[4] including "old vegetation, logs, branches, [and] moss."[5] He can telekinetically hurl parts of himself at opponents at high speeds, shown when one of his arms split one of Behemoth's tusks in two at a long distance. This ability is achieved through six bio-telekinetic neurotransmitters.[1]

Physical abilities

Amhuluk possesses great strength, as he was able to break apart Behemoth's tusk with one slash and knock him down with a punch. He was also able to drag Behemoth's 354-foot-tall body along the Amazon River.


Amhuluk has disguised himself as an island and a small forest.[1]

Toxin emission

Amhuluk possesses toxic emitters that pollute the channels and rivers he roams.[1] Ancient civilizations believed him to be a "demon of pestilence," while Monarch describes him as "bio-pathogenic."[1]


Amhuluk's ability to fight on land and disguise himself as an island suggests he is amphibious.[1]

Psychic blasts

According to Drew Edward Johnson, Amhuluk is able to latch onto an opponent using the tip of his tentacles and send a psychic blast to its brain.[6] The blasts are powerful enough to "be fatal to a weaker opponent, or a mere stunning blow to a stronger one."[7] This ability is used sparingly, as it drains Amhuluk's energy each time it is used.[7]


Depending on the location and the type of available vegetation in the area, Amhuluk could take on different forms, with some possibly even having the ability of flight.[8]


According to Drew Johnson, Amhuluk does not feel pain from any attacks that do not strike his head, as his "body" is made of debris.[9]


Amhuluk's reliance on bio-telekinetic neurotransmitters to form his body make him vulnerable to "certain alpha frequencies."[1] His Monarch profile includes a suggestion by crypto-sonographer Rick Stanton to "blast Van Halen's cover of 'You Really got Me' from an Osprey external speaker array."[1]

Drew Johnson has described several other vulnerabilities. Depending on the materials he makes his body out of, Amhuluk is susceptible to being set aflame.[9] Targeting the head is the only way to kill him, though blows aimed at his nervous system could cause his telekinetically-formed body to collapse.[10] Due to his size, it would take him some time to assemble a new body.[10]


Concept art


Godzilla: King of the Monsters


Godzilla Dominion



  • Amhuluk is the first comic-exclusive Titan of the Monsterverse to receive merchandise.[11]
  • Amhuluk's toxin emitter ability was hinted at through the dead fish surrounding him in his profile art from Godzilla Dominion in 2021, before this ability was made public in 2023.


Wikizilla: YouTube Kaiju Profile: The Other Titans
of Godzilla: King of the Monsters


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