Kat Kong

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Kat Kong
Kat Kong in Kat Kong
Alternate names Blueberry
Species Giant domestic short-haired cat
Enemies Citizens of Mousopolis
First appearance Kat Kong

Kat Kong is a giant cat monster created by Dav Pilkey that appears in the 1993 children's book Kat Kong.


Kat Kong's name comes directly from what it is parodying: King Kong.


Kat Kong is a domestic short-haired cat with black-and-white-colored fur.


Kat Kong

Kat Kong appeared from the forest after being summoned by a tribe performing a ritual and tripped on the tuna can offering made to it. Doctor Vincent Varmint, looking at the knocked-out cat, thought that they should take it to Mousopolis to make money off of it. Kat Kong is put in a giant bag and is transported to Mousopolis. There, Doctor Varmint shows off Kat Kong to the people of the city in a theater; however, Kat Kong breaks free from his shackles during the show and captures Rosie Rodent. He then climbs on top of the Romano Inn, and cannot be stopped by the airplanes' fire. Captain Limburger gets an idea, however, and throws a present out from his plane. Kat Kong, very curious as to what might be in the present, threw himself off the building and fell to his death on the ground.


Physical capabilities

Kat Kong possesses extrodinary strength, as he is able to break through metal restraints and destroy nearby structures with ease.


Kat Kong is shown to be very durable, being able to withstand attacks from an airplane squadron.


Kat Kong, unlike the average cat, is clumsy and fails to land on his feet. His clumsiness, combined with his curious nature, causes him to fall off the Romano Inn building and plummet to his death.


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  • Kat Kong was played by Blueberry, Dav Pilkey's pet female domestic short-haired cat.


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