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Kat Kong
Kat Kong
Author(s) Dav Pilkey
Publisher Harcourt, Inc.
Publish date September 29, 1993[1]
Genre Children's picture book
ISBN ISBN-10: 0152420371
ISBN-13: 9780152420376
The mighty Kat Kong is on a rampage! Is anyone clever enough to stop this massive meowing menace?

Kat Kong is a 1993 children's picture book made by Dav Pilkey. The book is a parody of King Kong.


Kat Kong was written by Dav Pilkey and was published on September 29, 1993 by Harcourt, Inc. (then known as HMH Books). The book's color images were manipulated photographic collages, retouched with acrylic paint. It is 30 pages long.


Sometimes at night my cat, Blueberry, comes upstairs and sits with me while I paint and write. On one particular night, while I was writing the text for Dogzilla, I happened to look up and see Blueberry lying on a bookshelf looking down at me.

Blueberry is a sweet, occasionally grumpy, but always lovable cat. She does, however, sometimes have a nasty, evil look about her. That night, she was looking down at me with one of those menacing looks, and I suspected that she might be jealous that I was writing a book about the family dog, but not one about her.

So I quickly scribbled the words 'Kat Kong' on a piece of paper. Then I glanced across the room at my pet mice, who were looking kind of jealous, too.

I didn't want them to feel left out, so I included them in the books as well.

— Dav Pilkey[2]


Doctor Varmint and his beautiful assistant, Rosie Rodent, have made--and captured--a stunning scientific discovery: the mighty Kat Kong. But when he breaks free from his shackles and tears through the streets of Mousopolis, there's no stopping his terrifying rampage. Is anyone clever enough to halt this massive meowing menace?


Three mouse explorers, Dr. Vincent Varmint, Rosie Rodent, and Captain Charles Limburger, sail to an uncharted island. There, they find a tribe performing a ceremony offering a can of tuna as a sacrifice while chanting, "Heeeer, Ki-tee Ki-tee!" Kat Kong appeared from the forest and tripped on the tuna can. Doctor Varmint, looking at the knocked-out cat, thought that they should take it to Mousopolis to make money off of it. Rosie said that would not be the best thing to do, but Doctor Varmint disregarded her concerns.

Kat Kong is put in a giant bag and is transported to Mousopolis. There, Doctor Varmint shows off Kat Kong to the people of the city in a theater; however, Kat Kong breaks free from his shackles during the show and captures Rosie Rodent. He then climbs on top of the Romano Inn, and cannot be stopped by the airplanes' fire. Captain Limburger gets an idea, however, and throws a present out from his plane. Kat Kong, very curious as to what might be in the present, threw himself off the building and fell to his death on the ground.




  • Doctor Vincent Varmint
  • Rosie Rodent
  • Captain Charles Limburger



  • This book is dedicated to Nate Howard.
  • To get the fierce looks on Blueberry, Pilkey's pet female domestic short-haired cat, he took pictures of her while a friend blew on the back of her head.

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