Ultra Books: Destroy All Monsters

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Ultra Books: Destroy All Monsters
Ultra Books: Destroy All Monsters
Publisher Asahi Sonorama
Publish date 1968
Genre Reference/Manga

Ultra Books: Destroy All Monsters (ウルトラブックス怪獣総進撃,   Urutora Bukkusu Kaijū Sōshingeki) is a 1968 book published by Asahi Sonorama.


The book is part of the Ultra Books N-11 series by Asahi Sonorama, and came with a sonosheet disc.


The book contains information about the monsters featured in Destroy All Monsters, plus a short manga adaptation of the film.

Most notably, the book is a source contemporary to Destroy All Monsters which both gives Varan's height and weight as 10 meters and 60 metric tons, respectively, and says that the Baragon featured in the film is 20 meters tall: five meters shorter than the First Generation Baragon. These stat adjustments would go on to be mostly forgotten in reference books in the decades to come.



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