So Crazy Japanese Toys!

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So Crazy Japanese Toys!
So Crazy Japanese Toys!
Author(s) Jimbo Matison[1]
Publisher Chronicle Books[1]
Publish date March 1, 2003 (First Edition)[1]
ISBN ISBN-10: 0-8118-3529-4
ISBN-13: 978-0811835299

So Crazy Japanese Toys! is a 2003 pictorial book about Japanese vinyl figures of tokusatsu kaiju, heroes, and other characters.


The book was written by Jimbo Matison with images by him and Michael Garlington and published by Chronicle Books on March 1, 2003. Read from left to right, the book is 136 pages long.[1]


When huge alien spiders or ocean-dwelling mutant dinosaurs visit Earth, hell-bent on destruction, they seem to always stop in Japan first. And now, showcased here in one amazing book, is a cast of totally cool totally sugoi creatures culled from the most popular Japanese children's TV shows of the last forty years.

Whether you relish all that is gory or all that is cute, So Crazy Japanese Toys! has something for everyone, casual fans and hardcore collectors alike: Rubber-clad superheroes prepared for battle; kawaii 'n' cuddly characters, like the big orange Raman noodle-eating Booska; ground-pounding, high-revving, pedal-to-the-medal motor heroes; rockin' chicks with both the ability to save the Earth or put it into great peril; and some of the freakiest foes ever to set tentacle on this planet. Happy giant squids, lovable gun-wielding bats, and friendly killer robots... the list is endless.
Some of the toys featured in So Crazy Japanese Toys! made their debuts in obscure Japanese live-action TV shows from the past four decades; others are from widely watched shows that have gained mass popularity around the world—including Ultraman, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Space Giants, and Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot. While the TV shows may have come and gone, the toys they inspired live on, a testament to the wild imaginations of their creators. This must-have book for collectors is one big eye-candy show.

Get to know the characters in this book. And then, if your town is ever being trampled by a giant evil shrimp you'll know just who to call.


  • Contents (p. 7)
  • Foreword (p. 8)
  • Introduction (p. 10)
  • Chapter 1: Men in Rubber (p. 14)
  • Chapter 2: Rockin' Chicks (p. 34)
  • Chapter 3: Cute 'n' Cuddly (p. 56)
  • Chapter 4: Motor Heroes (p. 74)
  • Chapter 5: Freaky Foes (p. 100)
  • Toy Information (p. 122)
  • Acknowledgements (p. 132)


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