Godziban Book

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Godziban Book
Godziban Book
Author(s) Kazuhiro Inaba
Edited by KOBI Co., Ltd.
Publisher TOHO Visual Entertainment
Publish date December 9, 2022 (order date),[1]
December 21, 2022 (street date)
Pages 64[1]
Genre Reference, picture book

The Godziban Book (怪獣人形劇 ゴジばん図鑑,   Kaijū Ningyōgeki: Gojiban Zukan, lit. "Monster Puppet Show: Godziban Pictorial Book") is an informational book written by Kazuhiro Inaba and centered around the 2019 YouTube web series Godziban. It comes bundled with the Special Edition Godziban Blu-ray released on December 9, 2022, and can also be purchased separately through the Godzilla Store. At 64 pages long, it contains profiles on the characters; behind-the-scenes images; a full list of episodes; interviews with the staff, cast, and Bagan designer Minoru Yoshida; and more.




  • The preview pages for the Godziban Book on the Godzilla Store differ from the final product; the published version writes Godzilla-kun's name in English as "GODZILLAKUN" rather than "GODZILLA-KUN" and there is no "MAMEGODZI-KUN" label.

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