Godzilla vs. Biollante (novelization)

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Godzilla vs. Biollante
Godzilla vs. Biollante (novelization)
Author(s) Jiro Arima
Publisher Kadokawa
Publish date December 10, 1989
Pages 258
Genre Novelization, science-fiction
ISBN ISBN-10: 4041763010
ISBN-13: 978-4041763018

Godzilla vs. Biollante (ゴジラVSビオランテ,   Gojira tai Biorante) is a 1989 novelization of the film of the same name. It was written by Jiro Arima and published by Kadokawa on December 10, 1989.


In the aftermath of Godzilla's return and attack on Tokyo, agents of the corporation Bio-Major engage in a clash with the JSDF over a sample of Godzilla cells left behind by the monster. The agents successfully kill their JSDF attackers, but are then themselves promptly killed by the Saradian agent SSS9, who brings the cells back to his home nation. Genichiro Shiragami, a Japanese scientist working in Saradia, is to begin work using the G-cells in order to engineer plants resistant to drought that can grow in Saradia's arid deserts. While Shiragami is discussing his research with Abdul Zalman, Director of the Saradia Biotechnology Institute, a bomb explodes in the laboratory. Shiragami runs into the burning building only to find the dead body of his daughter Erika. Five years later, Shiragami has returned to live in seclusion in his laboratory near Lake Ashi. There, he hires young psychic Miki Saegusa to try and communicate with roses into which he has secretly spliced Erika's cells in order to keep her alive forever. Miki reports that she cannot make contact with the roses, much to Shiragami's dismay. Unbeknownst to Shiragami, he is being spied on by agents of Bio-Major, who coordinated the earlier bomb strike on his lab in Saradia.

As Godzilla begins to stir within the crater of Mount Mihara, the JSDF begins preparations to combat him should he escape. The JSDF's ultimate weapon it plans to use against Godzilla is the Anti-Nuclear Energy Bacteria, a bacteria that will be able to consume nuclear material and therefore deplete Godzilla's atomic energy. However, creating this bacteria requires genes from Godzilla's own cells and a scientist competent enough to work with them. Major Sho Kuroki and Colonel Goro Gondo try to convince Dr. Shiragami to work on the bacteria, but he refuses, saying his work with G-cells is what led to his daughter's death. When a partial eruption at Mt. Mihara triggers an earthquake, the tremor destroys the rosebush in Shiragami's lab. Desperate to keep his daughter alive, he agrees to work on the ANEB on the condition he is allowed to keep a sample of G-cells at his lab. Shiragami splices the G-cells into the cells of the last surviving rose, believing he has made it immortal. Bio-Major's agents John Lee and Michael Low break into Shiragami's laboratory one night to try and steal his notes on the ANEB, but are ambushed by SSS9 who has come to claim the same thing. Suddenly, all three are attacked by the rose, transformed into a mobile monster by the G-cells. The plant kills Low and nearly ends SSS9 before escaping the lab.

The next morning, the rose has grown to 85 meters in height and taken root in the lake. Shiragami comes to witness his creation and dubs it "Biollante" after a plant spirit from Norse mythology. In the meantime, Bio-Major has planted explosives inside Mt. Mihara and warns the government that it plans to detonate them and release Godzilla if the ANEB is not delivered to them. Gondo and Shiragami's assistant on the ANEB project, Kazuto Kirishima, are forced to hand over a briefcase containing the ANEB to John Lee. However, the exchange is botched when SSS9 attacks all three men and claims the ANEB for himself. Gondo and Kirishima try to disarm the explosives but are too late. Mt. Mihara erupts, and Godzilla emerges from the volcano once again. Back at Lake Ashi, Biollante has begun crying out, attracting Godzilla's attention. As the King of the Monsters makes his way toward the mainland, the JSDF scrambles its newest weapon: the Super X2, codenamed the Angler. Armed with a wide-angle laser cannon, this new craft is Japan's best hope of stopping Godzilla. The JSDF's fleet engages Godzilla at sea before the Angler arrives. However, Godzilla defeats the craft and obliterates the fleet, allowing him to make his way to shore unopposed. Godzilla reaches Lake Ashi and confronts Biollante, who seems to panic and attack him. Godzilla does not fight back as Biollante tries to strangle him with her vines, but is finally pushed too far and retaliates with his atomic breath. Biollante is set ablaze, with Godzilla's atomic breath adversely affecting her cell division. Rather than die, Biollante breaks apart into spores of energy and floats away, revealing that she is immortal after all.

Godzilla begins making his way to the nearest nuclear reactor and is expected to surface in Ise Bay. However, he surprisingly surfaces at Osaka Bay instead, catching the JSDF completely off guard. Gondo and Kirishima manage to recover the ANEB from the Saradia Oil Corporation office in Osaka in the nick of time, as Godzilla prepares to come ashore in the city. Gondo and a commando team load rockets with the ANEB and take point in skyscrapers around the city. The Angler arrives to buy them enough time to get into position, but is subsequently destroyed by Godzilla. The ANEB-loaded rockets are fired into Godzilla and successfully introduce the bacteria to his system. However, by the next morning Godzilla has not shown any adverse affects from the ANEB. Shiragami and Kirishima conclude that Godzilla's low body temperature must be preventing the bacteria from multiplying. To counter this, the JSDF deploys the experimental M6000 T.C. System near Wakasa Bay, hoping that the device can raise Godzilla's temperature. Godzilla soon arrives at the staging ground and fights his way through the JSDF's forces, with the T.C. System slowly raising his temperature until he begins to weaken.

Suddenly, Biollante's spores rain down onto the Wakasa plain, after which she erupts from the ground in her colossal final form. Biollante attacks Godzilla with her vines and heat ray, injuring him and successfully raising his temperature to the point that the ANEB takes effect. Godzilla stumbles away from the battle and collapses headfirst into the bay. Shiragami remarks that Godzilla and Biollante aren't monsters, but the scientists who created them are. He vows to cease all work on G-cells, even with Godzilla's body providing an unlimited source of them. Biollante again breaks apart into energy spores and ascends to the upper atmosphere. Godzilla suddenly rises back to his feet and roars, the sea water having lowered his temperature. Still weakened by the ANEB, Godzilla wades out to sea peacefully while Biollante takes the form of a giant rose floating in Earth's atmosphere.

Differences from the film


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