Sho Kuroki

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Sho Kuroki
Major Sho Kuroki in Godzilla vs. Destoroyah
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Affiliation(s) JSDF
Occupation Major
First appearance Latest appearance
Godzilla vs. Biollante Godzilla vs. Destoroyah
Played by Masanobu Takashima,GvB
Masahiro TakashimaGvD
Our budget for next year is zero yen. Then again, there might not be a next year.

— Sho Kuroki (Godzilla vs. Destoroyah)

Major Sho Kuroki (黒木 翔,   Kuroki Shō) is a character who first appeared in the 1989 Godzilla film Godzilla vs. Biollante, and later reappeared in Godzilla vs. Destoroyah in 1995.

Following Godzilla's 1984 attack on Tokyo and subsequent imprisonment inside Mount Mihara, Kuroki was assigned to the JSDF's new elite anti-Godzilla team in order to combat the monster should he return. Kuroki and his partner Lieutenant Goro Gondo tried to convince Dr. Genichiro Shiragami to agree to help engineer the Anti-Nuclear Energy Bacteria, a biological weapon designed to kill Godzilla. When the terrorist group Bio-Major released Godzilla from Mt. Mihara, Kuroki commanded the team of operators controlling the Super X2 as it battled Godzilla in the ocean and later in Osaka. After Godzilla was infected with the ANEB at the cost of Gondo's life, Kuroki oversaw a JSDF operation at Wakasa Bay to raise Godzilla's internal temperature so the ANEB could take effect. This operation was interrupted by Biollante, who raised Godzilla's temperature and caused him to lose consciousness. After this battle, Kuroki used a M6000 T.C. System pad to kill the Saradian agent SSS9 before he could kill Dr. Kazuto Kirishima. In 1996, Kuroki was called upon yet again to commandeer the Super X3 in order to freeze Godzilla before his overloaded heart could explode and destroy the planet. Later, as Godzilla's heart was now about to melt down, Kuroki flew the Super X3 into battle while Godzilla battled Destoroyah in Tokyo. He used the craft's cryolasers to shoot down Destoroyah when he tried to escape, then cooperated with JSDF ground units to freeze Godzilla as he melted down, minimizing the damage.

History[edit | edit source]

Heisei era[edit | edit source]

Godzilla vs. Biollante[edit | edit source]

A major in the JSDF, Sho Kuroki and his partner Lieutenant Goro Gondo were assigned to be at the front lines of anti-Godzilla operations should he ever escape from Mount Mihara, where he was imprisoned in 1984. After the organization Bio-Major caused Mt. Mihara to erupt and freed Godzilla, Kuroki was put in charge of the team remotely piloting the Super X2, a powerful hovering war craft built from the remains of the Super X. Kuroki sent the Super X2 into battle against Godzilla in the Pacific Ocean, where it caused damage with its powerful Fire Mirror, which reflected Godzilla's atomic breath. However, the Fire Mirror began to melt from repeated hits from the atomic breath and the craft was severely damaged and recalled to base. Later, when Godzilla arrived in Osaka, Kuroki sent the Super X2 to protect the group of soldiers who were sent there to infect Godzilla with Anti-Nuclear Energy Bacteria, even though the Fire Mirror had not yet been repaired. As Godzilla drew near to the soldiers, Kuroki flew the Super X2 in front of him, as Godzilla destroyed the ship with a direct blast of atomic breath.

After Lieutenant Gondo was killed, Kuroki was flown to the bay of Wakasa, where artificial lightning systems were installed with the hope of raising Godzilla's body temperature so the ANEB could take hold. The operation was interrupted by the arrival of Biollante, who came to seek revenge on Godzilla for their previous battle at Lake Ashi. After Godzilla collapsed headfirst into the sea and Biollante retreated to space, Kuroki saved the life of Dr. Kazuto Kirishima from the Saradian assassin SSS9 by activating an artificial lightning generator while he stood on it, vaporizing him.

Godzilla vs. Destoroyah[edit | edit source]

Sho Kuroki was called upon again by G-Force in 1996 to pilot the new Super X3 against Godzilla, who was undergoing a nuclear meltdown capable of destroying the Earth. Kuroki and the crew of the Super X3 engaged Godzilla in the Bungo Channel, successfully freezing him with the ship's advanced freezer weapons. Later, Kuroki flew the Super X3 to Tokyo in order to freeze Godzilla again as he melted down so as to minimize the damage. As the monster Destoroyah tried to escape from its battle with Godzilla, Kuroki froze the its wings, sending it plummeting to its death. The Super X3 then bombarded Godzilla with freezer weapons along with several CLT-95 Maser Cannons and successfully prevented him from melting through the Earth's core, although they failed to stem the catastrophic levels of radiation that were released. Thankfully, the deadly radiation was absorbed by the previously dead Godzilla Junior, who had now grown into an adult Godzilla and taken his father's place.

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