Deva Datta

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Deva Datta
Deva Datta in Warrior of Love Rainbowman (1972)
Daiba Datta in Warrior of Love Rainbowman (1982)
Species Human
Nationality Indian
Occupation Yogi sage
First appearance Warrior of Love Rainbowman episode 1, "The Miraculous Holy Man"
Played by
  • Akifumi InoueRM72
  • Koichi Chiba (voice)RM82

Deva Datta (ダイバ・ダッタ,   Daibba Datta) is a yogi sage that first appeared in episode 1 of the 1972 tokusatsu series Warrior of Love Rainbowman, entitled "The Miraculous Holy Man." He is the man who gives Takeshi Yamato the power to become Rainbowman. Alongside Rainbowman himself, Deva Datta is able to utilize the Dashes through transformation. In the 1982-83 animated re-imagining of the series, also called Warrior of Love Rainbowman, Deva Datta appears in a similar role, and teaches Takeshi how to control elements with the power of Rainbowman, the warrior of love. Many years ago, when Emperor Dongolos attempted to return to space by creating wars to make scientists develop more advanced technologies that he could later take for himself, Deva Datta used his magic to seal the giant alien away in a stone pillar. He kept him there with his mental power for many years until his death, shortly after imbuing Takeshi with the power of Rainbowman.


Deva Datta is named after Devadatta (提婆達多 (だいばだった),   Daibadatta), the cousin of Siddhartha Gautama in Buddhist tradition.


Warrior of Love Rainbowman (1972)

After venturing to India in order to learn discipline, Takeshi Yamato meets up with yogi sage Deva Datta. Deva Datta takes the man in as his student and eventually grants Takeshi with the ability to transform into Rainbowman. Deva Datta teaches him how to properly use every aspect of Rainbowman's powers and sends him back to Japan one his training is complete.

Warrior of Love Rainbowman (1982)

"A Destined Encounter"

Takeshi Yamato sought out Deva Datta in hopes of addressing the problems with the Die-Die Gang, and was shot down by their soldiers. Deva Datta healed the young man and took him on as an apprentice.

"Go! Warrior of Love"

After taking Takeshi on as a student, Deva Datta did his best to train the rash young man into a disciplined master of the elements. After many months of intense training, Takeshi and Deva Datta sparred together, and the sage attacked him with fire as he used the power of the wind to fly into the sky atop a small cyclone. During this battle, Takeshi was finally able to transform, and using Dash 3's water power, he put out the yogi's fire. Deva Datta then began to fall from the sky, and that night, he spoke to his student about his newfound abilities, the Seven Dashes and their elemental powers, and finally what it means to be a Warrior of Love. With his wisdom imparted, Deva Datta sat in meditation and began to ascend in a ball of energy, and disappeared into a rainbow overhead, finally leaving this life. With Deva Datta gone, Emperor Dongolos was finally able to emerge from his prison.


  • Mental energy

Deva Datta's years of training allow him to posses many superhuman abilities, including flight and mastery over elements without transforming into Rainbowman.



Warrior of Love Rainbowman (1972)

Warrior of Love Rainbowman (1982)


Warrior of Love Rainbowman (1972)

Warrior of Love Rainbowman (1982)


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