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Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Coal mine office worker
Related to Shigeru Kawamura (Love interest)
Goro (brother)
First appearance Rodan
Played by Yumi Shirakawa

Kiyo is a supporting character in the 1956 film Rodan.


Showa era


After Kiyo's brother is found dead in a flooded mine-shaft, Kiyo waits outside the hospital for news on his autopsy. She is seen again when she is attacked by a woman who was widowed by the mine-shaft flood, but blamed Kiyo's brother for it. She is saved by a group of women who carry the attacker off just as her fiancee Shigeru Kawamura comes in. He tries to comfort Kiyo, but they are attacked by a Meganulon. eventually Shigeru goes missing in the mine, and when he is found, much to Kiyo's distress, he seems to remember nothing. She takes Shigeru home when his wounds heal despite his not remembering her. Eventually, Kiyo's pet birds' eggs begin to hatch, which restore's Shigeru's memory. eventually the town must be evacuated to effectively destroy the rampaging Rodans, but Kiyo remains behind because she loves Shigeru too much to part with him. She watches in horror as the Rodans burn, drawing a parallel between she and Shigeru's love and the love between the Rodans.


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