Kenji Sahara

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Kenji Sahara
Kenji Sahara
Born May 14, 1932[1]
Kanagawa, Japan[2]
Notable role(s) Shigeru Kawamura, Joji Atsumi,
Jiro Torahata, Takayuki Segawa, Hachiro Jinguji
First work Farewell Rabaul (1954)[2]
Notable work Rodan (1956),
Mothra vs. Godzilla (1964)
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Kenji Sahara  (佐原 健二,   Sahara Kenji), born Masayoshi Kato (加藤 正好,   Katō Masayoshi) and formerly using the stage name Tadashi Ishihara (石原 忠,   Ishihara Tadashi), is a Japanese actor. He is known for appearing in many of Toho's kaiju films across the Shōwa and Heisei periods, as well as several entries in Tsuburaya Productions' Ultra Series. His 13 appearances in Godzilla films are the most of any actor.

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