Shinsuke Kasai

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Shinsuke Kasai
Shinsuke Kasai
Born April 12, 1963
Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan
Occupation Freelance announcer
First work It's Okay to Laugh! (TV 1982-2014)
Notable work Tokudane! (TV 1999-), etc.
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Shinsuke Kasai (笠井 信輔,   Kasai Shinsuke) is a Japanese announcer, formerly affiliated with Fuji TV. He has made cameo appearances in the third entry in the Heisei Gamera trilogy and the first four Godzilla movies of the Millennium series. Kasai has also hosted several Godzilla-related events, including Godzilla Fest since 2019 and the Godzilla Singular Point Completion Commemoration Event, and appeared in four of the short films produced for Godzilla Fest. In 2021, he joined the cast of Godzilla vs. Kong's Japanese dub, providing the voice of the minor character Guillermin.

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Shinsuke Kasai in Kaiju Defeat COVID!
Godzilla Singular Point Completion Commemoration Event, moderated by Kasai
Shinsuke Kasai announces Godzilla Fest Bonus Edition: Shinjuku Total Advance


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