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Arthur "Chico" Lourant
Chico Lourant as a priest in Gate of Flesh (1964)
Born March 3, 1929
Tuscon, Arizona, United States
Died July 20, 2015
Occupation Actor
First work The Warped Ones (1960)
Notable work Gamera vs. Jiger (1970)

Arthur "Chico" Lourant (チコ・ローランド,   Chiko Rōrando), often miscredited in English as Chico Roland, was an American actor, musician, and war veteran.

Having fought in the Korean War, he was discharged to Japan in 1954 and moved to Hong Kong, where he found himself jobless.[1] After buying a trumpet and teaching himself to play, he joined a band at a night club and saved enough money to return to Japan.[1] Continuing to play the trumpet for a club in Ginza, Tokyo, he was approached by a film director from Toho who at first mistook him for famed actor Sidney Poitier.[1] After impressing the director with his singing, he was recruited for his first acting job six months later.[1] Following a brief return to the U.S., he quickly became in demand by film studios[1] and went on to appear frequently in Japanese films and television through the 60's and 70's. Lourant was trained in judo and karate,[1] and was said to be fluent in ten different languages.[2]

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