Ken Echigo

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Ken Echigo
Ken Echigo as Yoshikawa in Destroy All Monsters
Born December 2, 1929
Akita, Japan
Occupation Former actor
First work Yotamono to Tenshi (1950)
Notable work Destroy All Monsters (1968)

Ken Echigo (越後 憲,   Echigo Ken), known formerly as Kenzo Echigo (越後 憲三,   Echigo Kenzō), was a Japanese actor.

Joining Toho in 1947 as part of the second Toho New Face audition, he appeared in his first film, Yotamono to Tenshi, in 1950. Though scarcely credited, Echigo played bit parts in numerous productions over the course of his career, including those of the tokusatsu genre. Perhaps most notably, he portrayed the Moonlight SY-3 crewman Yoshikawa in Destroy All Monsters. Echigo largely retired from the industry in 1971 and, with fellow actor Koji Iwamoto, took up a job at a coffee shop not far from the Toho headquarters. He died sometime later at an unknown date, but is survived by his wife Hiroko Terasawa.

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