Kinichi Kusumi

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Kinichi Kusumi
Kusumi (right) with fellow suit actor Toru Kawai
Born September 23, 1950
Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Occupation Actor, suit actor
Notable role(s) Mirrorman, Redman, Godman, Zone Fighter, Anguirus, King Caesar, Zoffy, Alien Steal, Astra
First work Ultra Fight (TV 1970-1971)
Notable work Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla (1974)

Kinichi Kusumi (久須美 欽一,   Kusumi Kin'ichi), born Yasunori Kusumi (久須美 保則,   Kusumi Yasunori) and also known by the stage names Mamoru Kusumi (久須美 護,   Kusumi Mamoru) and Gen Kusumi (久須美 弦,   Kusumi Gen), is a former Japanese suit actor. Kusumi played numerous tokusatsu heroes and kaiju in film and television productions for both Toho and Tsuburaya Productions in the 1970's. Following his retirement from suit acting, Kusumi became a popular adult film actor in Japan whose career spanned three decades.

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