Hajime Koizumi

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Hajime Koizumi
Hajime Koizumi
Born April 8, 1926
Saitama, Japan[1]
Occupation Cinematographer,
director of special effects
First work Jōen Ichidai Onna (1951)
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Hajime Koizumi (小泉 一,   Koizumi Hajime) is a Japanese cinematographer and special effects director.

After graduating from the Japan Institute of the Moving Image in 1945, he joined Toho as an assistant cinematographer. Following his work on The Legend of the White Serpent in 1956, he was promoted to a full-time cinematographer, and went on to serve as the director of photography for a number of the studio's tokusatsu productions until the late 1960s. In 1966, he acted as the director of special effects for three episodes of Tsuburaya Productions' series Ultra Q, and later returned to the company between 1972 and 1973 as a cinematographer for Ultraman Ace.

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