Daisuke Sato

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Daisuke Sato
Daisuke Sato at the 2017 Japan Expo
Born Unknown
Oita, Oita, Japan[1]
Occupation Modelmaker, director, cinematographer
First work Wanigon vs. Gamaron (2000)
Notable work Howl from Beyond the Fog (2019)
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Daisuke Sato (佐藤 大介,   Satō Daisuke) is a Japanese modeler and filmmaker. Having worked as a modeler on a handful of tokusatsu films in the 2000s, he has since served the roles of director, director of special effects, cinematographer, and/or more on a handful of independent kaiju films. He wrote, directed, executive produced, shot, and edited Howl from Beyond the Fog in 2019 and directed the special effects of the 2021 American film Iké Boys. He will also direct the special effects of, shoot, and co-direct Hoshi 35 (2023) and direct the special effects of and produce Brush of the God (2024).

Selected filmography

Assistant modeler





Director of special effects


Monsters modeled


Daisuke Sato interview (subtitled in Spanish)
Trailer for Sato's The Fog Horn


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