Hiroyasu Yamaura

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Hiroyasu Yamaura
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Born January 28, 1938
Occupation Screenwriter, novelist
First work Zokuya (TV 1961)
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Hiroyasu Yamaura (山浦 弘靖,   Yamaura Hiroyasu) is a Japanese screenwriter and novelist. He wrote screenplays for a number of Tsuburaya Productions' television series as well as the Toho films Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla and Tokyo Blackout. Sometime between 1973 and 1978, Yamaura submitted a draft for a film entitled S.O.S. Tokyo! Godzilla's Suicide Strategy to Toho, featuring a new mecha named Chamelegon.[1]

Selected filmography



  • Jumborg Ace (TV 1973) - Lyrics ["Ace and Nine"; with Toyoaki Dan]


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