Eizo Kaimai

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Eizo Kaimai
Eizo Kaimai
Born 1929
Occupation Modeler, suit actor, Chairman of Kaimai Productions
First work Godzilla (1954)

Eizo Kaimai (開米栄三,   Kaimai Eizō), nicknamed Cho-san (チョウさん,   Chō-san) for his tall stature, is a Japanese businessman and modelmaker. Originally working at amusement parks and haunted houses, he was discovered by Toho in 1954 and brought on to aid in the production of the first Godzilla suit. He worked closely with fellow modelers Teizo Toshimitsu and Kanju and Yasuei Yagi during his tenure at Toho, and continued to work for the company until 1966 when he departed to form his own company, Kaimai Productions (開米プロダクション,   Kaimai Purodakushon). Kaimai would go on to work on a number of films and television series from Daiei, Tsuburaya Productions, and more until the early 80s.

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