Kazufumi Fujii

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Kazufumi Fujii
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Occupation Cinematographer, compositor
First work The Invisible Man vs.
The Human Fly
Notable work Gamera vs. Barugon (1968)

Kazufumi Fujii (藤井 和文,   Fujii Kazufumi) is a Japanese special effects artist. He worked in some capacity on all of the first six Showa Gamera films.

Selected filmography

Special effects assistant


Special effects cinematographer


  1. Peculiarly credited for tokusatsu (特撮, "special effects"), likely as shorthand for tokushu satsuei (特殊撮影, "special [effects] cinematograph[er]").
  2. Credited alongside Gamera the Giant Monster special effects director/cameraman Yonesaburo Tsukiji and Gamera vs. Jiger cameraman Yuzo Kaneko.


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