Yoshishige Shimatani

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Yoshishige Shimatani
Yoshishige Shimatani
Born March 5, 1951[1]
Occupation Film producer, businessman (Chairman and Representative Director of Toho, etc.)
First work Virus (1980)
Notable work 13 Assassins (2010)
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Yoshishige Shimatani (島谷 能成,   Shimatani Yoshishige) is a Japanese businessman and film producer. He currently holds the positions of Chairman and Representative Director of Toho, Director of Hankyu Hanshin Holdings and Tokyo Rakutenchi, and Outside Director of Fuji Media Holdings and Tokyo Kaikan.[1] Shimatani joined Toho in April 1975, gradually ascending the corporate ladder through the 21st century; he was promoted to Director in 2001, to Senior Director in 2005, to Executive Director in 2007, and to President and Representative Director in 2011, before finally attaining the highest-ranking position, Chairman, in 2022.[1][2] He also served as the President of Toho Pictures from April 15, 2010 to April 26, 2012, succeeding Shogo Tomiyama and being replaced by Minami Ichikawa.

Selected filmography

Executive producer


  • Bye-Bye Jupiter (1984) - Marketing producer [with Tadahiko Maeda, Hideo Shikano]
  • Gunhed (1989) - Producer [with Tetsuhisa Yamada]
  • Monkey Magic (2007) - Co-executive producer [with Kenji Shimizu, Michi Ijima]

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