Norihiro Honda

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Norihiro Honda
Norihiro Honda
Born 1970[1]
Occupation Sculptor, modeler, makeup artist
First work Society (1989)
Notable work Men in Black (1997)

Norihiro "Nori" Honda (本田 憲拡,   Honda Norihiro) is a Japanese sculptor, modeler, and special effects makeup artist. He served under Shinichi Wakasa on several entries in the Millennium series of Godzilla films.

Honda began his career in the 1980s as an apprentice of prolific special effects artist Joji Tani, known professionally as Screaming Mad George.[1] Over the years, he worked on such films as RoboCop 3, Species, Anaconda, and the original Men in Black. In 1999, he was hired by Weta Workshop to work on the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and moved to New Zealand for a year.[1] In 2004, he returned to New Zealand to work as an instructor at Cut Above Academy[1] and again worked with Weta on the first entry of the The Hobbit trilogy in 2012. Honda continues to be active in film, and was involved in the 2017 Ghost in the Shell adaptation as well as the 2020 live action Mulan remake.

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