Takahide Morichi

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Takahide Morichi
Takahide Morichi
Born March 4, 1939[1]
Died August 2017 (aged 78)[2]
Occupation Producer, production manager, senior managing director
First work Come Marry Me (1966)

Takahide Morichi (森知 貴秀,   Morichi Takahide), sometimes erroneously credited Kishu Morichi,[3] was a Japanese film producer and production manager and the former senior managing director of Toho Pictures, Inc. He began working for Toho in 1966 as a production manager, serving as an executive producer in his later years until his retirement in 2004. Morichi passed away in August of 2017 at the age of 78.[2]

Selected filmography

Production manager

Chief producer

Co-executive producer


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