Hiromasa Shirai

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Hiromasa Shirai
Hiromasa Shirai in a 2013 interview for CHO Japan
Occupation Assistant art director
First work The Three Treasures (1959)[1]

Hiromasa Shirai (白井 宏昌,   Shirai Hiromasa) is a Japanese art director.

Shirai joined Toho sometime prior to 1959 through a friend from art school, working first on the film The Three Treasures.[1] He worked closely alongside Yasuyuki Inoue, drawing blueprints for miniatures before helping to decorate sets as a regular art assistant in later years.[1] He continued to work for the company until at least 1970, likely departing following Inoue's pursuit of a freelance career in 1971.

Selected filmography

Assistant special effects art director


  • SciFi JAPAN TV (TV 2012-2014) [episode 10; with Toshiro Aoki, Jiro Shirasaki]


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