Kohan Kawauchi

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Kohan Kawauchi
Kohan Kawauchi
Born February 26, 1920
Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan
Died April 6, 2008
Hachinohe, Aomori, Japan
Occupation Writer
First work Ramayana (1942)[1]
Notable work Moonlight Mask (TV 1958-1959)
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Kohan Kawauchi (川内 康範 (こうはん),   Kawauchi Kōhan), born Kiyoshi Kawauchi (川内 潔,   Kawauchi Kiyoshi) and sometimes erroneously credited as Yasunori Kawauchi (川内 康範 (やすのり),   Kawauchi Yasunori), was a Japanese writer. His works include various tokusatsu series, most notably Moonlight Mask which is regarded as Japan's first superhero television series. He worked with Toho in the early 1970s to produce Warrior of Love Rainbowman and Diamond Eye; the former was also adapted as an anime co-produced by MBS and Aikikaku Center in 1982, for which he was credited as storywriter.

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