Nobuhiko Ishii

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Nobuhiko Ishii
Nobuhiko Ishii in 2021
Born 1961
Tokyo, Japan[1]
Occupation Screenwriter, producer,
TOHO Visual Entertainment Packaging Group member
Notable work The Gransazers (TV 2003-2004)

Nobuhiko Ishii (石井 信彦,   Ishii Nobuhiko), also known by the pen name Hiroshi Ishii (石井 博士,   Ishii Hiroshi),[1] is a Japanese writer and producer. He wrote the latter two OVAs of the Get Going! Godzilland series (1996), episodes of the television series Guyferd (1996) and The Gransazers (2003-2004), the direct-to-video short film Go! Godman (2008), and the independent kaiju film Attack of the Giant Teacher (2019). He also co-produced The Gransazers, Go! Godman, and at least one season of the variety show Adventure! Godzilland (1992-1993), additionally appearing in the latter as the Godzilla series expert "Dr. Godzilla." Ishii has served on Tokusatsu DNA's executive committee,[2] and as of 2021 was a member of the Packaging Group in TOHO Visual Entertainment's Video Strategy Room.[3]

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