Guyferd (1996)

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Guyferd (series)
Air date April 8, 1996 - September 30, 1996
Distributed by Toho
Channel(s) TV Tokyo
Genre(s) Tokusatsu
Episodes 26

Guyferd (七星闘神ガイファード,   Shichisei Tōshin Gaifādo, lit. Seven Star Fighting God Guyferd) is a Japanese tokusatsu kaiju series co-created by Toho and Capcom that aired from April 8, 1996 to September 30, 1996.


After returning to Japan from his world travels due to hearing that his brother Masato had gone missing, Go Kazama began to search for him. After besting the master of their old Kennoryuu fighting dojo, Go was kidnapped by the evil Crown Corporation to be part of their Guyborg program. Go awoke after his surgery in a containment cell, converted into a cyborg. However, due to the facility's being in a state of emergency due to the escape of Jerks, a Mutian created by the Fallah Virus, Go was able to escape. In the forest surrounding the Crown facility he encountered Takeo Shiroishi, who was being terrorized by Jerks. Despite Go's pacifistic nature he fought to protect Shiroishi. During the battle, Go transformed into Guyferd, a name given by Shiroishi to a state of perfect integration with the Fallah Virus and was able to escape with him. They were quickly approached by two friends of Masato's named Rei and Yu Kujo. They four of them battled many Mutians and were able to locate Masato who had also been transformed into a Guyborg. Masato then revealed to Go that he had always hated thath he was a better fighter than he was, but never wanted to fight and forced Go to fight him after transforming into Deathferd.

Masato perished in the exploding Crown facility, and Go was later faced with Metalferds, Fallah infused Guyborgs like Go himself sent by Zodiac, the true leader of Crown, who was intent on gathering the last remaining samples of Fallah in order to make it rain from the skies and turn everyone on Earth into a Mutian. After Go stopped him and defeated the Metalferds, Zodiac resurrected them using the Gaia-Net, turning them into the Gaia Soldiers. Zodiac sent them out to retrieve the four Key Items that when placed on the Gaia-Net would send the Earth off its axis and by doing so destroy it. In the process of trying to prevent Zodiac from obtaining all of the Key Items, Go lost his life to Django, but was resurrected with a Key Item given to him by his sensei, who lost his life to protect it from another Gaia Soldier. Masato was then revealed to be protecting Go on his travels after faking his death in order to make up for the wrongs he committed against his brother. Guyferd and Deathferd then stormed Zodiac's stronghold and were able to destroy the Gaia-Net, Zodiac, and the stronghold at the expense of their lives, simultaneously cleansing the world of all traces of the Fallah Virus.


  1. "The Birth of Guyferd"
  2. "Go in Danger!"
  3. "Have You Seen the Ultimate Hyper-transformation?"
  4. "Escape from the Genetic Laboratory"
  5. "Operation Battle Killer"
  6. "Blood-thirst! Homicidal Sound Waves"
  7. "Crown's Strongest Warrior"
  8. "Confrontation of Destiny!"
  9. "Crown's Ambition!"
  10. "Defeat Metalferd"
  11. "Brainjack"
  12. "Charge! Battlekids"
  13. "Assassination Command GX-9"
  14. "To Protect a Small Life"
  15. "The Red Rose of Revenge"
  16. "Countdown!"
  17. "Zodiac's Appearance!"
  18. "Release Gaia-Net!"
  19. "The Mystery of the Polaris Document"
  20. "The Valkyrie's Trap"
  21. "Pursue the Heptastral Sword!"
  22. "Guyferd Dies!"
  23. "Resurrection!"
  24. "The Warrior of Darkness Lives Again"
  25. "Earth's Last Day"
  26. "Eternal Vow"


Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Directed by   Hirochika Muraishi (episodes 1-2, 9-10, 13-14, 17-18, 25-26), Shinichi Kamisawa (episodes 3-4, 7-8, 19-21, 24), Yoshiki Kitamura (episodes 5-6), Toshiyuki Takano (episodes 11-12, 15-16), Masatsugu Takase (episodes 22-23)
  • Written by   Noboru Aikawa (episode 1), Kazuhiro Inaba (episodes 2-3, 7-8, 11-16, 18, 21-23), Hiroshi Ishi (episodes 1, 4-6, 9-10, 17, 19-20, 24)
  • Produced by   Masahiko Kurokawa, Haruo Sai, Tetsuya Kobayashi, Takatsune Nishijima, Keisuke Iwata
  • Music by   yamanaka
  • Cinematography by   Koji Nishino
  • Production Design by   Shinji Fujiwara, Yoshikazu Furuya
  • Special Effects by   Yuji Terai, Fuyuki Shinada, Nobuaki Fujiyoshi


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