"Did You See It? The Ultimate Supertransformation!"

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Guyferd episodes
"In Peril! Go"
"Did You See It? The Ultimate Supertransformation!"
"Breakout! The Genetic Laboratory"
"Did You See It? The Ultimate Supertransformation!"
Did You See It? The Ultimate Supertransformation!
Series Guyferd
Episode # 3
Directed by Shinichi Kamisawa
Written by Kazuhiro Inaba
Air date April 22, 1996

"Did You See It? The Ultimate Supertransformation!" (見たか! 究極の超変身,   Mita ka Kyūkyoku no Chōhenshin) is the third episode of Guyferd. It aired on TV Tokyo on April 22, 1996.


After a diligent fight, the last standing kendo artist joins his four associates in defeat at the hand of a single masked man, while four more like him stand and watch. At Crown's headquarters, apparently after showing footage of the fight, Minour, the head of the Guyborg project brags to Bicross about his newest creation, the Fangs. Each one has ten times the strength of a human, and unlike their predecessors, are able to be mass produced. Bicross is impressed with their performance and assigns the Fangs to assist the Mutians in their quest to capture Guyferd.

Elsewhere, Go Kazama takes his motorcycle into the countryside to meet with his old Kenouryu master, Jimei Isurugi, in hopes of getting more clues about his brother's disappearance. Before he arrives, he is stopped atop a dam by some of the Fangs. Go guesses they are more of Crown's stooges, and quickly defeats them in hand-to-hand combat. The last Fang he knocks down lands at the feet of a new Mutian: Bolguiss. He challenges Go to reveal Guyferd's strength, but Kazama is unable to transform. Bolguiss strikes him repeatedly with his electrified whips, and sends the young man tumbling over the side of the dam. Minour is outraged at Shion's carelessness, but she insists that even a fall like that would not have killed Guyferd. as such, Minour demands his Fangs search the area, but they find nothing.

Having sensed the battle taking place, Jimei sent his students Godo and Yashamaru to help, and so Go ends up at the master's secluded dojo, where he explains his search for his brother Masato. Jimei senses a different ki from within Go, and his discomfort with it, and tells him that embracing ones role in their destiny is at the heart of Kenouryu practice. Jimei suspects that Masato knew that something bad was coming, and remembers a night when Masato insisted that he teach Go, whom he considered to be the better and more capable fighter, and Jimei did not expect him to be interested. He explains to Go that there is evil in everyone's heart, and that by working to overcome it, and that the five supreme techniques exist to help work to that end. The techniques represent one of the five core elements that make up life: earth, fire, wood, metal, and water. The star and wind techniques are added to align with the seven ki points of the body, in addition to a hidden eighth technique, wherein one focuses their ki energy into a suit of armor. He erects this armor around his dojo, while Go meditates beneath a waterfall, bewildering the Fangs that stumble into the strange barrier.

As Go trains, he envisions Jimei's disciple Saki approaching him, while Doggross and Jerks insult him, and insist he is one of them. When he sees Doggross running up behind Saki, he rushes to her defense, only for her to transform into Jerks and attack him. The Mutians battle him, but when he knocks Jerks down he is horrified to see that he has been attacking Saki. He turns to watch Doggross morph into Masato, who attacks and is able to beat him, breaking his concentration, and awakening him to real life. Saki watches him struggle with himself, and is flanked by Godo and Yashamaru. Elsewhere, the Fangs report to Minour via Command Satellite about the strange barrier, and Shion insists that they use Arclight explosives to break it down, even if it destroys the whole mountain, as it will bring out Guyferd. Go continues his training well into the night.

The next morning, Professor Shiroishi embarks into the mountains to search for Go, flanked by Rei and Yu Kujo, who have accompanied him despite his reservations. As they approach a dam, they spy a group of Fangs carrying a case with a serial number printed on it that Shiroishi recognizes belongs to Crown's Arclight Explosives. Understanding that they are planning to blow up the dam, he decides to go in and stop them with Rei, while sending Yu to find and inform Go. They enter the dam, but are quickly captured by Bolguiss, who has them chained to a ladder on the dam's exterior. Yuu continues up the path, but soon encounters Jimei's boundary line, and whenever he passes through it, he walks back out the other side. He soon collapses in confusion before Saki comes out to get him. She brings him to Go, and explains the situation. As Bolguiss and his Fangs finish setting the bomb, they exit the dam and are confronted by Kazama. He quickly dispatches all five of the Mutian's Fang associates, and Bolguiss insists that he is wasting his time, as soon, the dam and the whole mountainside will be gone. Go then hears Rei and Shiroishi calling for help, and tries to defeat Bolguiss. Yu and Saki rush to help their trapped associates, but are surrounded by Fangs. Yashamaru and Godo arrive and fight them off, allowing Yu and Saki to advance, but they are still unable to free them. Seeing this, Godo leaves Yashamaru to handle the remaining Fangs, and leaps to their aid in a single bound. Shiroishi is wary of the stranger, but Godo breaks their chains with his bare hands. The group then return to the dam's foundations to defuse the bomb. Bolguiss has maintained the upper hand in the battle with Go, but the young fighter transforms into Guyferd, and they quickly reach a stalemate. Inside, Yu locates the Arclight explosives, and the group quickly heads down to them with just over a minute left until detonation. Shiroishi quickly narrows their choice down to cutting either the red or yellow wire. Guyferd remains unable to best Bolguiss, but with only ten seconds remaining, Rei calls out to cut the red wire. When the dam does not explode, Bolguiss is distracted and enraged, which allows Guyferd to swing him over his head using one of his electric whips before pummeling him into submission with a series of kicks. Guyferd then causes Bolguiss to explode with a "Bakuraiha" kick. Shiroishi asks Rei how she knew to cut the red wire, and she reveals that a horoscope magazine claimed her lucky color that week would be red. Shiroishi nearly faints from this, and they carry him out of the dam to where Godo, Go, and Yashamaru are approaching, evidently having cleared up any remaining threats. Rei admonishes Go's carelessness, and he reminds her that he did not ask them to come, leading to an argument, to the chagrin of Yu, Shiroishi, and Saki.


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