"The Birth of Guyferd!"

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Guyferd episodes
"The Birth of Guyferd!"
"In Peril! Go"
"The Birth of Guyferd!"
The Birth of Guyferd!
Series Guyferd
Episode # 1
Directed by Hirochika Muraishi
Written by Noboru Aikawa, Hiroshi Ishi
Air date April 8, 1996

"The Birth of Guyferd!" (ガイファード (たん) (じょう),   Gaifādo Tanjō) is the first episode of Guyferd.


All is hectic during the evacuation of a Crown scientific facility and the proclamation from head scientist Takeo Shiroishi that a monster is in the lab and must be sealed inside only adds to it. The monster is revealed to be a mutated woman, and she tries to kill her former friend for trying to contain her, but she becomes distracted by guards who try to subdue her. She defeats all but two of them before falling down dead. Resolving to abandon the research that lead to this tragedy, Shiroishi burns his notes, but is approached by the facility's owner, Mr. Bikross, who refuses to let him leave. Shiroishi is then restrained by guards and is taken prisoner. The Laboratory owner then reveals that they have made copies of his work and plan to use it to create a perfect soldier. The organization Shiroishi works for is revealed to be called "Crown", a criminal syndicate with hopes of world domination. The show then cuts to Crown's board room, where its leader is receiving word that their first perfect soldier, "Guyborg" is complete. The development team seen earlier's new head Shion presents her formula for a "perfect soldier", a parasite called Fallah. It is then decided that the two research teams should work together to create a Fallah-infected Guyborg, but most humans would not be able to survive both Fallah and the Guyborg surgery, so she suggests they only use Martial Artists. The Show then cuts to its protagonist Go Kazama approaching a Kenoryu dojo, where he learns that his brother has run away. Go enrages the dojo master, Taki, and defeats him in hand-to-hand combat. He is then informed by students Rei and Yu Kujo that his brother Masato did run away, but was kidnapped. At the same time, Crown has learned of Go's return, and intend to use him as their next Guyborg. Go goes out to find leads to Masato's whereabouts, but he is attacked and subdued by several Guyborgs. The show then cuts to commercial, but returns to the Taki (who turned Go in) being infected with the Fallah. Meanwhile, Go dreams of finding his brother, but all Masato wishes to do is fight him. Masato lands a blow, which cracks Go apart, revealing Guyferd. Go awakens in a cell wearing a Guyborg's uniform. Shortly after, the Crown director informs Go that he is now a "Guyborg", a soldier to protect the earth, but Go reveals that he wants to be the one to decide what he does with his life. Before Crown can reply, the base begins to shake on account of how one of the test subjects is loose in the building. The test subject, the former Taki now named Jerks escapes and a group of Guyborgs are sent to capture it. Go, who had escaped separately, watches in awe of the creature, and is approached by Professor Shiroishi, who had escaped his cell in the turmoil. Jerks recognizes Go and tries to fight him, but Go does not want to fight. Professor Shiroishi convinces Go to fight, and he and the monster do battle. when Jerks remarks that Go is weaker than he, Go proclaims that the fight was not a test of strength, but an attempt to save a man. Go's Guyborg armor then transforms into his Guyferd armor, something that can happen because he was infected with Fallah as well. Guyferd defeats Jerks, but finds himself greatly weakened by their battle. Professor Shiroishi aids Go as they flee the burning Crown headquarters.




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