"The Birth of Guyferd!"

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Guyferd episodes
"The Birth of Guyferd!"
"In Peril! Go"
"The Birth of Guyferd!"
The Birth of Guyferd!
Series Guyferd
Episode # 1
Directed by Hirochika Muraishi
Written by Noboru Aikawa, Hiroshi Ishi
Air date April 8, 1996

"The Birth of Guyferd!" (ガイファード (たん) (じょう),   Gaifādo Tanjō) is the first episode of Guyferd. It aired on TV Tokyo on April 8, 1996.


All is hectic during the evacuation of a laboratory due to a leak of some kind. Head scientist Takeo Shiroishi flees behind the rest of his staff as the room is sealed. In the hallway outside, he shouts into an intercom that it was not a leak, but a monster. Said monster soon forces the door open, and is revealed to be Shiroishi's mutated assistant Kihara. She attacks her former friend for trying to contain her and raises him up with one hand on his throat, but she is distracted by tranquilizer darts fired into her arm. Three guards have arrived to subdue her. She easily overpowers them and tries blasting them with bursts of energy from her mutated hand. Shiroishi watches her in horror as the guards regroup, but she suddenly stops, apparently in pain, before dropping dead to the floor. Resolving to abandon the research that lead to this tragedy, Shiroishi burns his notes in a trash can outside, and is approached by the operation's benefactor, a man named Bicross. He encourages the scientist not to see the creation of a monster as a failure before Shiroishi is restrained by guards. Bicross then reveals to him that they have already made copies of his work and plan to apply it for military purposes under the guidance of his new replacement as head of the Fallah parasite, Megumi Shion. Shiroishi is then taken away as a prisoner toward a base in the mountains. Narration reveals that this organization is known as Crown. While it poses as a legitimate research corporation, receiving funding from numerous donors, behind the scenes it uses its scientific breakthroughs as a means toward their goal of world conquest.

In Crown's board room Bicross receives a presentation from Minour, whose blue-suited guards are his near-complete "Guyborgs," cybernetically enhanced humans designed for Crown's "Ultimate Trooper" program. Minour is then upstaged by Shion, who plays a clip of the Guyborgs' defeat at the hands of the Fallah mutant, revealing to Minour that he now has competition for Crown's resources. It is decided to try and enhance a Guyborg with Fallah, as a means of mastering both powerful resources, but only an athletically trained body could survive the conversion process.

Five years ago, Go Kazama left home to travel the world, and has now returned to Japan in search of his brother Masato, who he discovered in a newspaper had gone missing. He arrives at their old fighting dojo, where they had practiced the "Kenouryu" style of karate. Inside, students Rei and Yu Kujo are sparring and bickering as only siblings can before sotting Go, who offers them a friendly wave. The dojo master, Michiyuki Taki then approaches the stranger, whom he recognizes from the old days. Go asks the man about his brother's whereabouts, and Taki insists that Masato ran away after losing to him in the national tournament. Go sees through this lie, as his brother would never have lost to Taki. This enrages the master, who attacks the interloper. Go dodges every blow and continues to insult the man until he storms off. During this time, Rei and Yu check the dojo's database of karate fighters and discover that Go is the younger brother of their missing friend Masato, and inform him, that his brother did not run away, but was in fact kidnapped. Shion approaches Bicross with the news that Masato Kazama's brother has returned from abroad, and asks to have him for her Fallah research, but Bicross calls Minour, and tells him to get his lab ready. That night in Go's house, he ponders over a photograph of he and his brother in their fighting days when he receives a call from Taki, who claims to know where Masato is. They meet under a bridge near some train tracks, where a Guyborg attacks Go. Despite his best efforts, he is unable to best the enhanced human, who brings him down with a 50,000 volt shock to the throat. For a moment Taki is awed, and then the Guyborg uses the weapon on him, before calling headquarters to let them know of his success.

Taki awakens restrained inside a glass case, surrounded by people in medical scrubs. He protests, but Shion empties a syringe of Fallah onto his chest, promising him he would be the strongest man in the world. The green goo sits a moment before melting into his skin and making his veins glow with green light. Go finds himself in a misty dreamscape, and sees Masato standing nearby. Masato demands they fight to determine who will be the master of Kenouryu, but Go insists he has left his days of combat sports behind. Masato demands to see his strength now that he is no longer human, and attacks. Go responds with more strength than he recognizes, and as he wonders about this, Masato punches his torso, cracking it like glass. Go then shatters to pieces before a vision of a strange fin-headed silhouette appears. Go awakens from his dream in an empty cell wearing the same blue suit and armor as his captor had, and the voice of Bicross announces to him that he is now a Guyborg, a warrior to protect the world. Go is not thrilled at having his fate decided for him, so to demonstrate his new abilities, a gun barrel comes out of the wall and fires at him, not hurting him, but tearing through his suit and skin, revealing metal underneath. Go demands to know what happened to his brother, and Bicross remarks that he will need brain modification as well, but he is stopped by an explosion shaking the entire building. Someone enters to inform him that one of their main powerlines has been hit from the inside. Shion then arrives with the news that her mutant test subject "Jerks" has gotten loose. They agree to send Guyborgs to handle the situation, and they all agree that the ensuing battle will decide the superiority of her "Mutians" or Minour's Guyborgs.

Jerks destroys a piece of equipment, before the cowering Shiroishi discovers that his cell has come unlocked. Go rushes through the chaotic facility, in search of an exit. Jerks makes it into the ventilation system, and emerges in the forest outside, where he is attacked by three Guyborgs. One shoots him with a machine gun, but Jerks takes the device from him before tossing it aside and using an energy beam to blast him in half. Go watches this unfold, until he is approached by Shiroishi, who informs him that he is also trying to escape from Crown, and explains that Jerks has been infected with the Fallah parasite, and that gives him the ability to manifest his life force, or "ki," as a physical attack. Go recognizes the beast as Taki from the dojo, and evidently, Jerks knows he is watching, and insists that he come out and fight. Go is content to leave Crown with his life, but Shiroishi insists they cannot let the monster live, and picks up the fallen machine gun, and firing at him. Jerks prepares his "Gokuakusho" ki attack, and Go knocks the professor out of the way, and is blasted backwards by the impact. Jerks then traps him in a tractor beam, and insists he will not fight. Shiroishi then rushes Jerks holding the gun like a club and strikes him on the thigh before being tossed aside. Go attacks to allow the professor to escape, but is soon pinned down by Jerks. Go reflects on the situation, and his body undergoes a change with such force that Jerks is blasted off of him. He stands in a red and gold body with three fins on his head, and Shiroishi realizes that he must have been infected with Fallah too, and taken on the theoretical state of "Guyferd."

This changes the tide of the battle. While Bicross is forced to evacuate the unstable headquarters, Guyferd easily bests Jerks, and fires a ki blast of his own, dubbed "Kyokuseiken," which throws Jerks back violently, where he crashes into the vent he escaped from and explodes. Go watches for a moment before collapsing, and Shiroishi gets him away as Crown's headquarters explodes behind them.


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