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Guyferd episodes
"Charge! Battlekids"
"Assassination Command GX-9"
"Charge! Battlekids"
Charge! Battlekids
Series Guyferd
Episode # 12
Directed by Toshiyuki Takano
Written by Kazuhiro Inaba
Air date June 24, 1996

"Charge! Battlekids" (突撃!バトルキッズ,   Totsugeki Batorukizzu) is the twelfth episode of Guyferd.


the episode opens in a agricultural laboratory where a phial of Fallah is being studied. The scientist shown seems to feel uneasy about Crown's ambitions, but is forced to work by Megumi Shion. Shion then talks to Metal Master, and later that evening the scientist writes a letter to his daughter. The daughter recieves the letter and the show cuts to Yu Kujo with a group of friends. Yu's friends seem to dare Yu to approach a girl, and the one Yu chooses is happens to be the scientist's daughter. They talk for awhile, and the show cuts to Rei Kujo and Takeo Shiroishi at Go Kazama's apartment where they seem to tease Yu for his seeming to pursue the girl. Meanwhile, the scientist escapes the Crown Laboratory with a micro-disk. Megumi Shion informs Metal Master of this, and he deploys Baiken to retrieve it. the next day, Yu again talks to the scientist's daughter. He takes her to Go and the others and they discuss her father. When she mentions her father's name, Dr. Shiroishi remembers him as a former colleague at Crown. Shiroishi analyzes the girl's letter and determines that she may be in danger. She soon receives a call from her father, who tells her to meet him outside. Touching music plays as they reunite, but they are interrupted by some Fangs and Baiken. The show cuts to a distraught Rei telling Go and Takeo of Yu's disappearance. Go rushes out to find Yu and the others, but they have already been taken back to the Crown facility. Tuu eventually escapes his bonds and uses his hacking skills to send a message to Dr. Shiroishi. Shiroishi receives it, and Yu escapes his cell. Yu then uses his power accelerators to held the scientist and his daughter flee the facility and meet with the others, but they are stopped by Baiken. Go intervenes and the two begin to fight while Yu and company escape. During the battle Go transforms into Guyferd, but he quickly loses the upper hand when Baiken demonstrates a "shadow duplication" technique. Rei tells Go to focus, and Go becomes able to tell the real Baiken from the fakes, and Guyferd is able to easily defeat him.



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