"Pursue the Sword of the Seven Stars!"

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Guyferd episodes
"The Valkyrie's Trap"
"Pursue the Sword of the Seven Stars Sword!"
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"Pursue the Sword of the Seven Stars!"
Pursue the Sword of the Seven Stars!
Series Guyferd
Episode # 21
Directed by Shinichi Kamisawa
Written by Kazuhiro Inaba
Air date August 26, 1996

"Pursue the Sword of the Seven Stars!" (七星剣を追え!,   Shichiseiken o Oe) is the twenty-first episode of Guyferd.


The episode begins with two men breaking into a bank vault. They open a safe deposit box and inside it is the Sword of the Seven Stars. They remove it and get away with it. The two are soon revealed to be none other than Go Kazama and Takeo Shiroishi. They discuss their heist, but their getaway is cut short by a Minotaur-like Gaia Soldier(Minos) that is blocking the road. Go gets out of the car and the Bull lets go of the front end, allowing Shiroishi to escape, but he is pulled from the car at gunpoint by another man. Go nearly transforms into Guyferd, but he gets distracted and stops when he sees he and Shiroishi's car driving away. Minos throws Go to the ground, but when Go rises he is gone. The car thief loses control of the vehicle when Yu Kujo rises from the back seat and chokes him. At Go's home, Go nurses Shiroishi's head injury. Rei Kujo enters and angrily asks where her brother is. Elsewhere, Yu is bound and gagged in the back seat of the car. The driver stops and lets Yu out and, for unknown purposes, unties his feet and removes his gag. As soon as this is done, Yu fights back and runs away. The driver pulls a gun on Yu and fires a warning shot, Yu stops running and accuses him of being involved with Crown. The man becomes confused and takes Yu back to the car where the boy tells him all he knows about Crown, and makes a phone call to the rest of the protagonists. Somewhere along the road while the driver is at a vending machine, Yu escapes with the sword, but does not get far before he is found again by the driver. A policeman then discovers their unattended SUV and picks up Yu's cell phone. Yu and the driver are now revealed to be taking a train to their unknown destination. At a railroad crossing, they exit train and get into a passing pickup truck. Meanwhile, Rei, Go, and Shiroishi are hot on the trail of Yu and his captor, and have just gotten his phone from the policeman at the abandoned vehicle. Yu escapes again while the driver is on the phone. He is caught again and some Fangs attack the two at their next rest stop, an amusement park. The two defeat their attackers but are quickly faced with Minos. Yu urges his unlikely partner to leave the Sword of the Seven Stars to him, but the driver throws the case away. When Minos and two Fangs find it, they find it empty. Hiding, Yu reveals that the sword is in his backpack. using various attractions to hide or escape, Yu and the driver are able to remain uncaught long enough for Go and company to arrive to save them. The group finds Yu and the driver and takes them out of the park, leaving Go to fight off Minos. Go is quickly beaten to the ground. Elsewhere, a group of Fangs attacks Rei, Yu and the others, but they quickly fight them off. During the fight the Fangs steal the sword and run away with it. After the fight, it is revealed that Takeo Shiroishi has been injured. Still fighting Minos, Go transforms into Guyferd. After a rousing fight, Go breaks off Minos' horns and quickly defeats him. Elsewhere, Shiroishi wakes up. The driver gets arrested, but Yu can't help but feel a bit sad for him. Back at Crown headquarters, with three pieces of Gaia-Net in place, Crown's final plan draws close.


Weapons, vehicles, and races


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