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Image gallery for Jerks

Jerks in Guyferd
Michiyuki Taki in Guyferd
Subtitle(s) MTJK-06[1]
Species Mutian
Height 185 centimeters[1]
Weight 105 kilograms[1]
Forms Human, Mutian
Relations Crown (creators)
Enemies Go Kazama, Koichi Hayami
First appearance Guyferd episode 1:
"The Birth of Guyferd!"

Jerks[2] (ジャークス,   Jākusu) is a Mutian kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in episode 1 of the 1996 tokusatsu kaiju series, Guyferd titled "The Birth of Guyferd!"

Jerks was initially known as the ill-tempered black belt kenpo instructor Michiyuki Taki (瀧道行,   Taki Michiyuki). After allegedly beating Masato Kazama in the national martial arts tournament, Taki took over his duties as the instructor at his dojo. There, worked covertly with the evil organization Crown to train fighters for their Guyborg program, and gave them Masato's brother Go. However, he was double crossed by the organization and taken as a test subject for their new ultimate trooper program, and became the Mutian Jerks.



"The Birth of Guyferd!"

Jerks began life as a short tempered, overconfident dojo master known as Michiyuki Taki. At some point before the start of the series, Taki was set to face his Kenouryu rival Masato Kazama in the national tournament. However Masato went missing beforehand. Through unknown means, Taki became involved with the evil Crown corporation run by Mr. Bikross, and was charged with using his dojo to produce physically disciplined individuals to donate to their Guyborg program. Taki started on the path to mutation when he was visited by Masato's brother Go Kazama, who wanted to know if Taki knew anything about his missing brother's whereabouts. Taki claimed that Masato was weak and had run away for fear he would lose to him in the tournament, and this landed them in combat. Taki attacked Go with a bokken, only to lose and be humiliated in front of his class before storming out and instructing the class to practice unguided.

He later called Go on the telephone and pretended to have calmed down and offered to tell him what had really happened to Go's brother. Go met Taki under a bridge, where he was ambushed by two Guyborgs who subdued Go with an elephant-tranquilizing 50,000 volt electric shock. No sooner did Taki ask what the weapon was, than did they use it on him. Taki awoke in a surgical room, where doctors told him that he would be made into the strongest man in the world. Despite his screams in protest, they then dropped the mysterious Fallah parasite onto his body, and he began to turn into a Mutian.

However, with his new strength he escaped Crown's custody and began to terrorize the facility, destroying many machines including the mechanism that operated the prison cells' remote locks. He then escaped through the ventilation system, and briefly celebrated before three Guyborgs came to take him down. They shot at him with machine guns, but Jerks used his fighting skill to overpower them before blasting one of them in half with his Gokuakusho. He then threw another so hard into a distant tree that it exploded before tossing the other at the feet of Go Kazama, who had been watching the fight, and tried to get him to engage. However, the scientist Takeo Shiroishi came at him with the Guyborg's dropped gun, only for Kazama to attack to defend him. He still refused to fight, and Shiroishi hit Jerks in the leg with the gun, causing the Mutian to take him out with one slap. Kazama then agreed to fight. Jerks quickly overpowered him, but Kazama then transformed into Guyferd and began to dominate the Mutian in battle. He was blasted by Guyferd's Ultimate Star Fist attack, and was blown back toward the vent system, where he died in a fiery explosion.

"Did You See It? The Ultimate Supertransformation!"

While dreaming in meditation, Go Kazama saw Jerks and Doggross. In the dream, Go was meditating in a waterfall, being watched by a student of his sensei Jimyo's. Doggross attacked the student, and Go rushed to fight the Mutian, but then his fellow student transformed into Jerks. Go quickly defeated them both, but then they took on the forms of the student and Go's brother Masato. Go then awoke to find himself still beneath the waterfall with his fellow student keeping watch on him while he meditated.



Gokuakusho is a kenpo technique that Jerks learned as a human. After his mutation, Jerks was able to focus his life energy into the blast to make it a ki-based attack. It is composed of green life energy.

Ki Binding

Jerks displayed the ability to use his ki as a sort of snare, and was able to keep Kazama trapped in place as long as he maintained focus.


Video games

Guyferd: Crown's Devastating Strategy

During Jerks' escape from Crown Headquarters, he encountered Koichi Hayami, a unique Guyborg, and was defeated before fleeing into the ventilation which led to his escape and death at the hands of Go Kazama.


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