Eternal Vow

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Eternal Vow
Eternal Vow (song)
Performed by Kenzo Fukuyama
Performed in Guyferd

Eternal Vow (永遠の誓い,   Eien no Chikai, lit. Vow of Eternity) is a song which plays over the opening of the 1996 television series, Guyferd. It is also played during fight sequences later in the series. It is available on the Guyferd soundtrack. It is performed by Japanese singer Kenzo Fukuyama, who has also released it as a single.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Japanese[edit | edit source]

永遠に譲れない遥かな願い きっとつかめるはずさ

ふり向けば誰も知らない都会で さみしさと夢がもつれ合い過ぎて行く
気が付けば自分に言い訳をして 心とは裏腹な生き方してる
いつか答えを確かめるまでは あきらめたりしない どこまでも
あふれる想いと信じた未来 きっとつかめるはずさ

求めてく事が 失うものにつながっているとわかり始めた頃
響かない夜のはざまで一人 何度でも明日の夢描き続けた
迷いも不安もつきまとうけど 一人歩き続ける

陽が上る坂道を歩いて行けば きっとつかめるはずさ

Romaji[edit | edit source]

To be added.

Translation[edit | edit source]

To be added.

Videos[edit | edit source]

The OP of Guyferd

Gallery[edit | edit source]


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