"Mothra's Song" (Ebirah, Horror of the Deep)

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"Mothra's Song"
[[File:EHOTDSTC.jpg|330px|Mothra's Song (Ebirah, Horror of the Deep)]]
Composed by Masaru Sato
Lyrics by Tokiko Iwatani
Performed by Yuko and Yoko Okada
Sung in Ebirah, Horror of the Deep
Sung for Mothra

"Mothra's Song" (モスラの唄,   Mosura no Uta) is a song performed by the "Pair Bambi" musical duo Yuko and Yoko Okada as the Shobijin in the 1966 Godzilla film, Ebirah, Horror of the Deep.



目をさまして モスラ
花が開くように モスラ
青ざめた空へ 光るつばさで
飛んでおくれ モスラ

目をさまして モスラ
朝が明けるように モスラ
涙 の夜露を 早 く頬から
消しておくれ モスラ

目をさまして モスラ
雲が歌うように モスラ
果てもない闇に 叫ぶ祈りを
聞いておくれ モスラ


Me o samashite Mosura
Hana ga hiraku yō ni Mosura
Min'na matte iru no
Aozameta sora e
Hikaru tsubasa de tonde okure Mosura

Me o samashite Mosura
Asa ga akeru yō ni Mosura
Min'na matte iru no
Namida no yotsuyu o
Haya ku hoho kara keshite okure Mosura

Me o samashite Mosura
Kumo ga utau yō ni Mosura
Min'na matte iru no
Hate mo nai yami ni
Sakebu inori o kii te okure Mosura


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