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Yoshimura in Ebirah, Horror of the Deep
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Professional Criminal
Related to None
First appearance Ebirah, Horror of the Deep
Played by Akira Takarada

Yoshimura (吉村,   Yoshimura) is a main character in the 1966 Godzilla film Ebirah, Horror of the Deep.


Showa Era

Ebirah, Horror of the Deep

Yoshimura is a professional criminal who stole a great sum of money from a bank before boarding a boat for the night. Yoshimura is interrupted by trespassers Ichino, Nita, and Ryota. At first Yoshimura threatens them, but later allows them to stay, feigning ownership of the vessel. Yoshimura awakens the next day to find that the vessel has set sail (the handiwork of Ryota). Yoshimura decides not to recapture the vessel from Ryota. As the ships food stores run low, the group is attacked by Ebirah, and are washed ashore on Devil's Island. Shortly after awakening, Yoshimura is discouraged to discover that the money he stole has been lost at sea. Shortly after this, the group discovers a secret paramilitary operating on the island, bringing in slaves from Infant Island. A slave named Dayo befriends the group, but they are discovered and are forced to take cover in a cave, where they discover Godzilla. Around this time, Yoshimura decides to break in to the paramilitary (called the Red Bamboo)'s buildings. The group successfully enters and makes their way to a laboratory. They are captured, but escape with smoke bombs found earlier in a store room. The group flees, but only Yoshimura, Ichino, and Dayo make it back to the cave. In an escape attempt, Yoshimura agrees to wake Godzilla. The three remaining protagonists flee the cave and find that Ryota had survived, and found his brother Yata. Yata tries to assume control of the group and running into a group of armed guards, but Yoshimura talks him out of it. Later, after the guards are distracted, Yoshimura frees the Infant Islander slaves. After this, Yoshimura attempts to stop the nuclear reactor, which had been set to explode by the Red Bamboo. Failing in this, Yoshimura realizes that Mothra is their only hope. Mothra rescues all of the Infant Islanders and the protagonists. While being carried away by Mothra, Yoshimura decides to start his life anew and stop being a criminal.


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