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Ebirah, Horror of the Deep
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This is a transcript of the international English opening credits of Ebirah, Horror of the Deep, as digitally recreated on the 2004 TriStar DVD release of the film. Spelling errors have been preserved.

Executive Producer

Tomoyuki Tanaka

Screenplay by

Shinichi Sekizawa

Photographed by

Kazuo Yamada

Art Direction by

Takeo Kita

Sound Recording by

Shoichi Yoshizawa

Lighting by

Kiichi Onda

Assistant Director

Takeshi Sano

Music by

Mararu Sato

Filmed in

Tohoscope & Eastmancolor


Akira Takarada
Kumi Mizuno
Akihiko Hirata
Jun Tazaki
Hideo Sunazuka
Chotaro Togin
Toru Watanabe
Toru Ibuki
Hideko Amamoto
Ikio Sawamura
Hisaya Ito
Chieko Nakakita
Haruo Nakajima
Hiroshi Sekita
Pair Bambi
Studio No. 1 Dancers

Director of Special Effects

Eiji Tsuburaya

Directed by

Jun Fukuda


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