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Warning from Space
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Warning from Space soundtrack

The following is a transcript of the English opening credits for Warning from Space.


Produced by

Masaichi Nagata

Screenplay by

Hideo Oguni

Photography by

Kimio Watanabe

Color Design by

Taro Okamoto

Cast of Characters:

  • Keizo Kawasaki   as   Toru
  • Toyomi Karita   as   Hikari Aozora, Space-Man Ginko
  • Bin Yagasawa   as   No. 2 Pairan
  • Shozo Nanbu   as   Dr. Isobe
  • Bontaro Miake   as   Dr. Komura
  • Mieko Nagai   as   Taeko
  • Kiyoko Hirai   as   Mrs. Matsuda

Directed by

Koji Shima

English Version Produced at

Titra Sound Studios
by Jay H. Cipes
and Edward Palmer


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