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The following is a transcript of the English opening and end credits of A*P*E.

Opening Credits

Jack H. Harris

Worldwide Entertainment Corp. Release


Rod Arrants
Joanna de Varona
Alex Nicol

Also Starring

Lee Nak Hoon
Woo Yoin Jong
Jerry Harke
Larry Chandler
Walt Myers
J.J. Gould

Written by

Paul Leder
Reuben A. Leder

Music Composed & Arranged by

Bruce Mac Rae

The Seoul Symphony Conducted by

Chung Min Sup


Daniel L. Symmes
Tony Francis

2nd Unit

Miriam R. Leder

Camera Assistants

Choi Chung Won
Suh Kyung Woong
Suh Sang Kwon
Park Hyun Kuk


Nebuer Redel

Asst Director

Miriam R. Leder

Script Supervisor

Cho Sung Gu


Park Young Jei

U.S Army Liaison

Bob Norton

Associate Producers

Tony Francis
Reuben A. Leder
Yang Tseng-Hsiu

Transportation by

Korean Airlines

Production Managers

Wong Sa Sang
Tae Ki Ho
Cho Young Kil

Art Director

Lee Bong Sun


Cha Jong Nam
Park Chang Ho

Special Effects

Park Kwang Nam

2nd Unit Director

Choi Young Chul

Produced by

K.M. Yeung & Paul Leder

Directed by

Paul Leder

The producers wish to thank the United States Army for their cooperation in the making of this film

Ending Credits

Cast of Characters

  • Rod Arrants   as   Tom Rose
  • Joanna de Varona   as   Marilyn Baker
  • Alex Nicol   as   Col. Davis
  • Lee Nak Hoon   as   Capt. Kim
  • Woo Yun Jung   as   Mrs. Kim
  • Jerry Harke   as   Lt. Smith
  • Larry Chandler   as   First Mate
  • Walt Myers   as   Seaman
  • J.J. Gould   as   Soldier in Jeep
  • Charles Johnson   as   American Tourist
  • Paul Leder   as   Dino
  • Choi Sung Kwan   as   Film Producer
  • Bob Kurcz   as   American Actor
  • Jules Levey   as   Reporter

The End
© Copyright Lee Ming Film Co. U.S.A. MCMLXXVI


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