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Son of Kong
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This is a transcript of the opening credits of Son of Kong.

Radio Pictures Presents


Merian C. Cooper, Executive Producer

Copyright MCMXXXIII RKO Radio Pictures, Inc.

All Rights Reserved

Directed by

Ernest B. Schoedsack

Associate Producer

Archie Marshek

Story by

Ruth Rose


Eddie Linden
Vernon Walker
J.O. Taylor

Music by

Max Steiner

Settings by

Van Nest Polglase
and Al Herman

Sound Effects by

Murray Spivack

Recorded by

Earl A. Wolcott

Edited by

Ted Cheesman

Recorded by RCA Victor System

Passed by National Board of Review

Chief Technician

Willis O'Brien

Art Technicians

Mario Larrinaga
Byron L. Crabbe

Technical Staff

E.B. Gibson
Marcell Delgado
Carroll Shepphird
Fred Reese
W.G. White

Robert Armstrong

as Denham

Helen Mack

as Hilda

Frank Reicher

as Englehorn

John Marston

as Helstrom

Victor Wong

as Chinese Cook

Ed Brady

as Red


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