Hilda Petersen

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Hilda Petersen
Hilda Petersen in Son of Kong
Species Human
Nationality American
Occupation Ballerina (formerly)
Singing entertainer
Related to Mr. Petersen (Father),
Carl Denham (Husband)[1]
First appearance Son of Kong
Played by Helen Mack

Hilda Petersen is a fictional musical entertainer and animal trainer who appeared in the 1933 film Son of Kong.


Son of Kong

Hilda lived with her father and worked as a ballerina in a circus travelling in the South Pacific. Eventually, Mr. Petersen's drinking problem led to them being kicked out of the circus with a few monkeys. They then formed a low budget sideshow in Dakang, in which Hilda played the guitar and sang under the stage name "La Belle Helene". After a show, her father went to drink with the local bum Nils Helstrom. During a fight that broke out over possession of the liquor bottle, a lamp was knocked over and the tent caught fire. Hilda awoke almost immediately and released the animals before finding her father and dragging him out of the blaze. Unfortunately, he was dead. In the morning, while attempting to recapture her monkeys, she was approached by Carl Denham, who had seen the previous night's show, came to inform her that she would never get the monkeys back. She recounted her tale to him before asking to leave Dakang on his ship but was declined. Denham urged her to seek another ship because of his questionable legal status so that she could get back to the United States, but she stowed away regardless. She was discovered as the ship neared Skull Island, and opted to leave the ship with Denham and its Captain Englehorn after they mutinied. The ship's cook Charlie had stocked the rowboat before joining them, and as they rowed ashore, Helstrom, who had been invited aboard to seek the Treasure of Skull Island, but inspired the mutiny and ended up being tossed overboard on his attempt to assume command. After the four got ashore, they were chased away by the natives and got off in a rocky bay. Denham bids her to come with him to find a way out of the bay, and they quickly discover an infant Kong that injures itself protecting them from a Giant Cave Bear. Hilda tears off part of her dress to bandage his finger, and in doing so befriends him. The next day, They enter an island temple where they are attacked by a Dragon Dinosaur. Kiko defeats it, and Hilda and the others escape the island as an enormous earthquake sucks the island into the ocean. The Kong saves Denham, and Hilda, Charlie, and Englehorn rescue him before drifting at sea for an unknown amount of time. After being rescued by a passing ship, she and Denham made plans to return to the United States.



  • The final comic from the 1933 Son of Kong comic strip, implies that Denham and Petersen got married at or after the end of the film.


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