Megumi Shion

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Megumi Shion / Metal Shion
Megumi Shion
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Height 152 centimeters[1]
Weight 80 kilograms[1]
Occupation Scientist
Related to Sister (Deceased)
First appearance Guyferd Episode 1:
"The Birth of Guyferd"
Played by Masako Takeda

Megumi Shion (紫苑恵,   Shion Megumi), later rechristened Metal Shion (メタル紫苑,   Metaru Shion), is a scientist character created by Toho who first appeared in episode 1 of the 1996 tokusatsu series, Guyferd titled "The Birth of Guyferd."


Heisei Series


Megumi is the head of experiments involving the Fallah virus at Crown. She is first seen taking over the project from Takeo Shiroishi in the first episode. She is greatly trusted by her employer Mr. Bicross and created most of the Mutians herself. She considers her Mutians to be "supreme beings" and has a great margin of control over them. She apparently dies in episode 8, but is revived in episode 9 as a cyborg.

In episode 13, she is revealed to have lost her sister, which was so devastating to her that she turned cold and lost her concern for life. It was at this point that she joined Crown and began experiments with the Fallah virus.







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