Megumi Shion

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Megumi Shion / Metal Shion
Megumi Shion
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Height 152 centimeters[1]
Weight 80 kilograms[1]
Occupation Scientist
Related to Etsuko Shion (Mother, Deceased)
First appearance Guyferd Episode 1:
"The Birth of Guyferd"
Played by Masako Takeda

Megumi Shion (紫苑恵,   Shion Megumi), later rechristened Metal Shion (メタル紫苑,   Metaru Shion), is a scientist character created by Toho who first appeared in episode 1 of the 1996 tokusatsu series, Guyferd titled "The Birth of Guyferd."




"The Birth of Guyferd"

After a horrible incident in the laboratory, Crown's current head of research on the Fallah parasite, Takeo Shiroishi, quit and was replaced by Shion, who was briefly introduced to him when they went to take him back to headquarters as a prisoner. Later in a board meeting, a man named Minoh presented his work in his Guyborg program, only for Shion to present security footage showing one Fallah-mutated human easily overpowering three Guyborgs, putting Fallah on the map for Crown's attempts to create the ultimate soldier. Later, after learning that Masato Kazama's little brother Go had returned to Japan, she asked Mr. Bikross for permission to use him as a test subject in her program, only for him to be given to Minoh instead. She was given a man named Michiyuki Taki, whom she exposed to the Fallah parasite despite his protests, and created the Mutian Jerks, who soon escaped custody. She ran to the board room to inform Bikross, and she planned to lock down K block and send in some Guyborgs to deal with the situation. Minoh approved, and Shion pitched the operation as a competition between her Mutians and his Guyborgs.

In episode 13, she is revealed to have lost her mother, which was so devastating to her that she turned cold and lost her concern for life. It was at this point that she joined Crown and began experiments with the Fallah virus.







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