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A Guyborg in Seven Star Fighting God Guyferd
Leader Crown
Pawns None
Homeworld Earth
Allies Mutians, Fangs
Enemies Mutians
First appearance Guyferd episode 1: "The Birth of Guyferd"

The Guyborgs (ガイボーグ,   Gaibōgu) are a group of modified humans created by Toho that first appear in the 1996 tokusatsu kaiju series, Guyferd.

The Guyborgs were designed by Minoh to be the ultimate soldier in Crown's quest for world domination. However, no average human would be able to survive the procedure taken to become a Guyborg, and it required physically disciplined people strong enough to undergo the surgery.



The Birth of Guyferd!

After an experiment with the Fallah Virus went horribly wrong and produced the first Mutian, a group of three Guyborgs were sent to eliminate the threat. The creature, formerly Crown scientist Kihara, attacked senior scientist Takeo Shiroishi, and one Guyborg fired two tranquilizer darts into her arm to no effect. They then activated their helmets and began to attack her in hand-to-hand combat. However she proved incredibly strong and fought them away before blasting one Guyborg with a green energy attack. She fired more and missed before dropping dead. After Shiroishi decided to destroy his research and abandon Crown, the two surviving Guyborgs from the operation were sent to contain him while he spoke to Mr. Bikross. When they returned to headquarters, they were presented to Crown's head Mr. Bikross by their creator Minoh, who proposed that they be merged with the Mutian project. Later on, after a tip from a Crown associate named Michiyuki Taki, two Guyborgs were sent to retrieve Go Kazama. One fighter distracted him, allowing the other to sneak up from behind and tranquilize him with a 50,000 volt electrical shock, which he then used on Taki.

Kazama was converted into a Guyborg, but escaped the facility when the Mutian Jerks began to attack Crown from the inside. Three Guyborgs were then sent to take him down when he escaped through the ventilation system. One shot at the creature with a machine gun, but Jerks wrestled it out of the Guyborg's hand before blasting it in two with a ki attack. The Mutian then spun a Guyborg around before flinging it into a distant tree with enough force to cause it to explode before tossing the last one at the feet of Go Kazama, who tried not to fight the Mutian before activating his helmet and starting the battle. He was quickly overpowered, but ascended to the state of Guyferd and slayed the beast.

In Peril! Go

Despite their clear success, Minoh only considered the Guyborg program to be at 80 percent completion. It was decided nonetheless by Mr. Bikross that Guyborgs would be used as footsoldiers to accompany elite Mutian agents. However, when a Mutian designated M17 escaped from holding, two Guborgs were dispatched to contain it, but were still outmatched. the Mutian Doggross then entered the fray and quickly defeated M17 before falling ill due to his obedience medication wearing off. The Guyborgs then brought him to a containment cell. When Doggross was dispatched again, two Guyborgs tagged along and waited until his medication felled him once again, and returned him to headquarters.


  • Bullet Immunity

Guyborgs are shown to be more or less immune to conventional bullets. The fabric of their uniform, and even their living human skin will rupture, but their reinforced insides will sustain the blow.

  • Electric Stunners

In at least the left hand of each Guyborg are two stun batons that are capable of inducing an elephant-sedating 50,000 volt shock.

  • Camera Sphere

The left shoulder of the Guyborg armor houses a mobile surveillance device called the Crown Camera Sphere, which can be used as a tool of espionage, or a means of communication with Crown headquarters.

Video games

Guyferd: Crown's Devastating Strategy

Guyborgs were used to guard Crown Headquarters, including several lettered degrees of Guyborg that were never used against Guyferd.


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