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A Guyborg in Seven Star Fighting God Guyferd
Leader Crown
Pawns None
Homeworld Earth
Allies Mutians, Fangs
Enemies Mutians
First appearance The Birth of Guyferd

The Guyborgs (ガイボーグ,   Gaibōgu) are a group of modified humans created by Toho that first appear in the 1996 tokusatsu kaiju series, Guyferd.


Heisei Era


Guyborgs are physically (and often mentally) altered humans with many mechanical augmentations, with Guyferd being a notable example. They form the default group of security guards for the Crown organization. No ordinary human can survive the surgery necessary to become one, so each Guyborg was at one point in their life a martial artist or athlete. They are planned to be used by the Crown organization for world conquest.

Although most Guyborgs underwent the Fang upgrade, several still remained and were used as guards, or for special missions instead of field operatives.

Seven Star Fighting God Guyferd: Crown's Devastating Strategy

Guyborgs were used to guard Crown Headquarters, including several lettered degrees of Guyborg that were never used against Guyferd.


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