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Bio-Major (バイオメジャー,   Baiomejā) is a fictional American scientific corporation and covert terrorist group that appears in the 1989 Toho Godzilla film Godzilla vs. Biollante.

Bio-Major is a powerful American scientific corporation, consisting of four enterprises which pursues a global monopoly in the field of genetic engineering. It is suggested that Bio-Major intends to use its monopoly not only to control the world's food supply, but also to produce powerful biological weapons. In order to achieve this monopoly, Bio-Major resorts to illegal espionage and terrorist tactics, secretly deploying agents to other nations to sabotage other corporations and governments through bombings and armed conflicts.


Heisei era

Godzilla vs. Biollante

Following Godzilla's attack on Tokyo in 1984, Bio-Major operatives attempted to collect cell samples the monster left behind in the rubble. They were confronted by a Japanese hazmat team also searching for G-Cells, and responded by opening fire on them. JSDF soldiers chased after the Bio-Major agents and tried to recover the cells they had illegally obtained, but were ambushed in a subway tunnel and shot dead by the agents. As the Bio-Major agents prepared to abscond with the G-Cells, the Saradian secret service agent SSS9 ambushed and quickly killed them, then brought the cells back to his country. There, Saradia's secret service director and head of its Biotechnology Institute, Abdul Zalman, provided the cell samples to Japanese geneticist Genichiro Shiragami, who had relocated to Saradia in the hope that his work would be better accepted there. Shiragami was researching a way to genetically engineer crops which could grow in the country's harsh desert terrain, allowing Saradia to diversify its economy beyond oil exports and shake the United States' position as the world's leading grain exporter. However, Bio-Major sabotaged Shiragami's research by bombing the institute, killing his daughter Erika in the explosion. Bio-Major's attack was successful in deterring Shiragami from undertaking further research using G-Cells, and he subsequently returned to Japan.

By 1989, Bio-Major deployed operatives John Lee and Michael Low to Japan to spy on Shiragami, anticipating that he could become involved in the government's initiative to engineer a biological weapon using G-Cells. When Shiragami signed onto the project to engineer the Anti-Nuclear Energy Bacteria, or ANEB, Lee and Low broke into his laboratory to loot classified files on the bioweapon. However, SSS9 had been sent by Zalman to recover information on the ANEB as well, and engaged in a firefight with the two Bio-Major agents. This shootout was interrupted when the men were attacked by Biollante, the result of Shiragami splicing G-Cells with a rose into which he had already spliced the cells of his late daughter. Biollante killed Low, while Lee and SSS9 were able to escape.

Bio-Major was not deterred in its efforts to obtain the ANEB, and planted explosives inside Godzilla's volcanic prison of Mount Mihara. Sending a ransom note to the Japanese Prime Minister, Bio-Major demanded that the ANEB be handed over to them or else they would detonate the explosives and release Godzilla. Col. Goro Gondo and Dr. Kazuto Kirishima, a scientist who had helped to engineer the ANEB, met with Lee and handed him a briefcase containing the ANEB. Lee allowed the men to disarm the explosives from the back of his truck, but the three were subsequently fired upon by SSS9. Lee initially assumed Gondo and Kirishima had double-crossed him, but soon recognized SSS9. Lee got back into the truck and tried to drive it away, but was shot in the head and killed by a sniper shot from SSS9, causing the truck to overturn. SSS9 snatched the briefcase containing the ANEB while Gondo and Kirishima desperately tried to deactivate the explosives. Unfortunately, they were too late, and Mt. Mihara erupted and released Godzilla once again.

Known members


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