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The Sons of Giants in Godzilla: Here There Be Dragons

The Sons of Giants are a secret society that first appeared in the 2023 IDW Publishing comic series, Godzilla: Here There Be Dragons, and are set to be the focus of its sequel, Godzilla: Here There Be Dragons II - Sons of Giants. The Sons of Giants worshipped kaiju such as Godzilla and sought to conceal their existence from the rest of the globe throughout human history.


Godzilla: Here There Be Dragons

During the 16th century, having found himself in British custody, the pirate "One-Eyed" Henry Hull bargained a reprieve from the gallows by revealing information he knew concerning the existence of giant monsters - and a conspiracy to conceal their existence from the rest of the world by a secret society known as the Sons of Giants. Hull first became aware of the conspiracy through Sir Francis Drake, who himself first learned of them through a doubloon he was presented with that featured the image of a monster on it. After Hull alleged that Queen Elizabeth I herself was involved in the conspiracy, one of his interrogating officers, Boggs, notified proper authorities. In response, the Queen's chief advisor, Lord High Treasurer William Cecil, dispatched Sir Francis Walsingham to investigate these claims.

Hull explained that giant monsters, also called kaiju, have existed all over the world throughout history, respected for their power and what they meant to the planet. The Sons of Giants were formed to protect the secrets of the kaiju by any means necessary. Hull went on to detail his first-hand experiences with the kaiju that he encountered during Drake's circumnavigation of the globe in pursuit of treasure on Monster Island, from surviving an initial confrontation with Godzilla to being attacked by giant bats and Ebirah. As a reward for Hull's cooperation, Walsingham provided the pirate with a feast. Hull eventually revealed that they located the treasure in Godzilla's cave beneath a mural of Godzilla identical to the image on Drake's doubloon, piquing Walsingham's interest. Despite a number of setbacks along the way, Drake and Hull were able to escape Monster Island with the treasure in tow.

As promised, Drake brought the treasure back to the queen and was sworn to secrecy, only to die mysteriously shortly thereafter. Hull rejected the official account that Drake had died of dysentery, claiming that the Sons of Giants poisoned him and that no one who knew of the kaiju was safe from their wrath. After Hull confirmed that he had concluded his story and shared all that he knew, Walsingham abruptly shot Hull dead, revealing himself to be a member of the Sons of Giants who was to conceal the queen's involvement in the conspiracy at all costs - hence why he needed to know everything that Hull knew first. Walsingham proceeded to have the interrogating officers executed for listening to the story as well - including Boggs, despite his earlier assistance, not wanting to leave behind any loose ends. Walsingham and his officers then went as far as to burn the entire prison, leaving no trace behind as they reiterated their allegiance to the Sons of Giants, the kaiju, and Godzilla himself.

Notable Members


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