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Crown's emblem
Leader Zodiac, Bicross, Metal Master
Homeworld Earth
Enemies Humans
First appearance Guyferd
episode 1, "The Birth of Guyferd!
Latest appearance Guyferd
episode 26,"Eternal Vow"

Crown (クラウン,   Kuraun) is an organization that serves as the main antagonist in the 1996 television series Guyferd, produced by Toho and TV Tokyo and based on ideas from Capcom.

In the public eye, Crown was a pharmaceutical research organization hoping to cure various diseases in the world, but the reality was far more sinister. Crown was a front for the machinations of a maniacal scientist called Zodiac with his own secret agenda even behind Crown's already nefarious goals centered on the alien life form Fallah. Crown sought world domination through the creation of their "Ultimate Trooper," a title that was competed for by two internal divisions by Minoh and his Guyborgs, and Megumi Shion's Mutian creations. As part of Zodiac's Fallah fixation, they initially sought to turn everyone on Earth into a Mutian using a storm of the Fallah virus. When this plan was foiled, they resorted to a more straightforward elimination of everyone on Earth with an ancient Maya weapon called Gaia Net with the help of disgraced archaeologist Kuzan.


Heisei era


Crown was a shell organization hiding a series of layered nefarious schemes leading to world domination if not destruction. Ultimately, they sought to cleanse the world of humans and reshape it as they saw fit. While Bicross served as the public face of the company and the head of the "Ultimate Trooper" program, and was later succeeded by Metal Master, the organization was secretly led by the mysterious mutant Zodiac, who regained his humanoid body as Crown's schemes progressed, leading to his release of Gaia Net, an ancient weapon to change the Earth's axis.

Video games


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