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Image gallery for Deathferd

Deathferd in Guyferd
Species Metalferd, Human (formerly)
Height 187 centimeters
Weight 95 kilograms
Forms Masato Kazama, Deathferd
Controlled by Megumi Shion/Crown
Relations Go Kazama/Guyferd (Brother)
Allies Guyferd
Enemies Guyferd (formerly)
First appearance Guyferd Episode 7: Crown's Strongest Warrior
Deathferd is a human, therefore only speaks.

Deathferd (デスファード,   Desufādo), real name Masato Kazama (風間将人,   Kazama Masato) is a Guyborg kaijin created by Toho who first appeared (outside of flashbacks) in episode 7 of the 1996 tokusatsu series, Guyferd titled Crown's Strongest Warrior.

History[edit | edit source]

Guyferd[edit | edit source]

Masato was mentioned and seen in photographs long before he appeared in person. He was kidnapped by Crown while his brother Go Kazama was out traveling the world. While he was in Crown's custody, Masato was converted into a Guyborg. Masato is eventually rescued by Go, and Masato decides to help him to defeat Crown. He, unlike his brother cannot control his transformation, his becoming Deathferd is dictated by Megumi Shion. throughout he and his brother's childhood, Masato was jealous of Go's superior fighting skills, but kept this a secret from him. He thought that learning KennouRyu fighting would help him overcome his jealousy, but Gou never wanted to fight. The bottled rage inside Masato transformed him into Deathferd when he was mutated with Fallah. He eventually challenges Go, under Megumi's influence, but the brothers eventually revert to their human form, and Masato teleports to a nearby exploding building where he is left to be assumed to have died.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Main article: Deathferd/Gallery.


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