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Guyborg 801
Guyborg-801 in Guyferd
Guyborg-801 in Guyferd
Species Enhanced Guyborg
Relations Crown (Creators)
Allies Antaleess
Enemies Guyferd
First appearance Guyferd Episode 5: Operation Battle Killer

Guyborg 801 (ガイボーグ801,   Gaibōgu Eitohandoreddo Wan) is an enhanced Guyborg created by Toho that first appeared in episode 5 of the 1996 tokusatsu kaiju series, Guyferd titled "Operation Battle Killer".


Guyborg is barely different from a regular Guyborg, with the only added feature being four extendable claws on his back which are used to create paralyzing electrical impulses.



"Operation Battle Killer"

Guyborg 801 was modified from an original Guyborg and presented to Bicross by Megumi Shion who was assigned to assassinate Guyferd. Using a regular Guyborg in a demonstration, Shion had him attempt to rip off 801's head, but was paralyzed by 801's metal claws. 801 then disguised himself as a human and took refuge in the Kazama family's house, explaining himself as an escaped victim of Crown. After sleeping the night there, 801 led Gou Kazama to a hill where multiple Fangs were and revealed himself before paralyzing Gou. Antaleess then also appeared to flaunt his imminent victory, but Rei Kujo came to Gou's rescue wearing strength-enhancing boots, and kicked 801 back subsequently buying Gou time to transform. 801 lunged at Guyferd but was immobilized and thrown into the path of Antaleess's fist beam weapon which destroyed the Guyborg.


Guyborg 801 has the same abilities as the Guyborgs as well as:

Enhanced Strength

Guyborg 801 is much stronger than a standard Guyborg and can easily throw them around. However, 801's strength has its limits and was outmatched by Guyferd.

Extendable Claws

Guyborg 801's main ability is metal claws which extend from his back and can create electrical impulses capable of paralyzing other Guyborgs (including Gou Kazama).


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