Takeo Shiroishi

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Takeo Shiroishi
Takeo Shiroishi
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Scientist
Related to None
First appearance Guyferd Episode 1: "The Birth of Guyferd"
Played by Shoichiro Akaboshi

Takeo Shiroishi (城石丈雄,   Shiroishi Takeo) is a scientist character created by Toho who first appeared in episode 1 of the the 1996 tokusatsu series, Guyferd titled "The Birth of Guyferd".



Takeo is the first major character seen in the show. Takeo was once the head of the Fallah virus research team. He sought to use the Fallah virus to cure all ails, but failed and created the first Mutian. After that, he burned his notes and vowed never to do Fallah research again, but he is approached by the owner of the Laboratory, Mr. Bikross, who forces Takeo to continue under the command of Megumi Shion. It is clear that Takeo disagreed, because he is seen next escaping a prison cell during a lab fire in the Crown building. When he escapes, he finds Go Kazama, and helps him escape too, but not before discovering that The Fallah in Go has reached a symbiosis, or Guyferd. Takeo aids Go throughout the series.

"The Birth of Guyferd"

After an experiment with the Fallah virus went horribly wrong, Professor Shiroishi accidentally turned his assistant Kihara into a monster. He tried to contain her in the lab and called for an evacuation. While trying to explain the situation to his superiors, Kihara burst down the door and attacked Shiroishi, demanding to know why he had tried to lock her up. However, a group of three Guyborgs came to dispatch her. She overpowered them, but then dropped dead. No longer wanting any part in the whole organization, Shiroishi began burning all of his research. He was quickly approached by Mr. Bikross, the facility's owner who refused to let him quit and subtly informed him that the purpose of his research had been for military purposes, much to Shiroishi's anger. Professor Shiroishi was then introduced to his replacement as head of the project, Megumi Shion who revealed that they had already made copies of his work, and was taken away by the two surviving Guyborgs from earlier.

After unknown time spent as a prisoner, Shiroishi knew that his predictions for continued research into Fallah had come true when the facility entered lockdown and alarms began to sound. However, in the confusion, his cell door came unlocked and he was able to escape. While in the forest surrounding the facility, he came upon Go Kazama, who was escaping from the Guyborg program, and told him about Fallah and how it affected people as they watched the Mutian Jerks fight off three Guyborgs. They were quickly defeated, and Go refused to fight the monster. Unwilling to let it go free, Shiroishi charged and seized the Guyborg's fallen machine gun and shot at Jerks, only for Go to defend him from Jerks' might. Shiroishi tried again, but was quickly incapacitated. He awoke shortly before the fight ended, and witnessed Go undergo a mysterious transformation, which his expertise with Fallah taught him meant that he had reached the rare "Guyferd" state of Fallah symbiosis, which allowed him to defeat Jerks. He turned back after the fight, and Shiroishi helped him walk away from the burning fortress.



  • Takeo is shown to have a great liking for ice cream.


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