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Takeo Shiroishi
Takeo Shiroishi
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Age 38
Occupation Scientist
First appearance Guyferd Episode 1: "The Birth of Guyferd!"
Played by Shoichiro Akaboshi

Takeo Shiroishi (城石丈雄,   Shiroishi Takeo) is a scientist character created by Toho who first appeared in episode 1 of the the 1996 tokusatsu series, Guyferd titled "The Birth of Guyferd!". He began working with Fallah and the Crown organization with hopes of using it to revolutionize the world of medicine. Unfortunately, this led to him creating a monster, and when he tried to abandon his research, he was taken prisoner by his employers, and kept for an unknown amount of time before escaping and allying himself with fellow escapee Go Kazama, with whom he would dedicate his life to destroying Crown. He serves a similar role in the 1998 video game Guyferd: Operation Destroy Crown, wherein he works with reporter Koichi Hayami parallel to the events of the series.



"The Birth of Guyferd!"

After an experiment with the parasitic life form Fallah went horribly wrong, Professor Shiroishi accidentally turned his assistant Kihara into a monster. He tried to contain her in the lab and called for an evacuation. While trying to explain the situation over an intercom, Kihara burst down the door and attacked Shiroishi, demanding to know why he had tried to lock her up. However, a group of three Guyborgs came to dispatch her. She overpowered them, but then dropped dead. No longer wanting to continue such dangerous experiments, Shiroishi began burning all of his research. He was quickly approached by Bicross, the facility's owner who insisted that creating a monster shouldn't be seen as a failure. Two Guyborgs then siezed Shiroishi, and Bicross introduced to him his replacement as head of Fallah research, with whom Bicross planned to exploit the parasite for military purposes. Despite his rage at this revelation, the professor was powerless to stop them, and was taken to Crown's main base as a prisoner.

After unknown time spent in captivity, Shiroishi knew that his predictions for continued research into Fallah had come true when the facility entered lockdown and alarms began to sound. However, in the confusion, his cell door came unlocked and he was able to escape. While in the forest surrounding the facility, he came upon Go Kazama, who was escaping from the Guyborg program, and told him about Fallah and how it affected people as they watched the Mutian Jerks fight off three Guyborgs. They were quickly defeated, and Go refused to fight the monster. Unwilling to let it go free, Shiroishi charged and seized the Guyborg's fallen machine gun and shot at Jerks, which caused him to retaliate by preparing a ki blast. Go pushed him aside, but in the process became trapped in a tractor beam of Jerks' ki. Go tried to refuse to fight again, but Shiroishi, knowing they could not let the monster go free, rushed at him holding the gun like a club, and struck him in the thigh. Jerks threw him aside with one hand, which allowed Go to escape. As he watched the fight continue, he witnessed Go undergo a mysterious transformation, which his expertise with Fallah taught him meant that he had reached the rare "Guyferd" state of Fallah symbiosis, which allowed him to defeat Jerks with ease. He turned back after the fight, and Shiroishi helped him walk away from the burning fortress.

"In Peril! Go"

He watched over the sleeping Go for three days before he finally awoke. He explained to the young fighter about Fallah, and theorized that he became infected by it somewhere in the Crown facility and due to his modified Guyborg body, he had somehow influenced the Fallah to become symbiotic with him, avoiding the mutations seen in Mutians. He explained that his original intention was to study Fallah for its medicinal applications, but with Crown's dedication to using it for military purposes, he proclaimed that only the Guyferd, a being perfectly integrated with Fallah could stop them. He and Go then went to Jerks' old dojo where they found Rei Kujo searching the place for clues just before she ran off to find Masato. Her little brother Yu Kujo offered him a business card upon introducing himself, a traditional greeting among Japanese businessmen, not realizing that it had information that allowed Go to recognize the kids were walking into a trap. They arrived at an abandoned building to see the Mutian Doggross attacking them, and Go leapt into action, but to Shiroishi's surprise refused to transform into Guyferd.

Yu and Rei then set Go and Shiroishi up in Masato's old apartment, taking over the payments using their family's vast fortune. While searching Masato's room for clues, Go downed a Crown Command Satellite, and they drove after the kids by tracking the energy signatures the drones put out. When Shiroishi arrived, he found Rei and Yu hiding while Go fought Doggross. He was initially confused about why Go had not transformed, but remembered his desire to keep his cyborg transformation a secret and ushered the kids away, allowing him to defeat the Mutian before collapsing. Shiroishi and the kids woke him up and took him home, where Takeo acknowledged Go's fear of becoming inhuman, but reassured him that his heart was what kept him human, not his body.

"Did You See It? The Ultimate Supertransformation!"

When Go did not return from a trip to the birthplace of Kenouryu, Shiroishi went out to find him. He was accompanied by the Kujo siblings, despite his misgivings about their involvement in he and Go's crusade against Crown. While in the mountains, Rei spots a group of Crown soldiers known as Fangs carrying a mysterious case with the serial number "AR-8300," which he recognized as belonging to Crown's Arclight explosives: the ultimate bomb. Surmising that they planned to blow up the dam, he took Rei to try and stop it, while sending Yu ahead to find and warn Go. They did their best to tail the Fangs through the facility inside the dam, but were soon caught by a Mutian called Bolguiss. He had some Fangs chain the two of them to a ladder on the riverbank, ensuring their demise on detonation. Later on, they saw Go approaching Bolguiss on the other side of the river and called out to their friend, but his battle with the Mutian kept him from coming to their aid. Luckily, Yu and a girl named Saki from the hidden dojo arrived and tried to break their chains. They were unable to help, but they were all soon approached by a bulky, rugged stranger. Shiroishi begged him not to hurt them, but he instead broke their chains with his bare hands, allowing the four others to enter the dam and search for the bomb. Rei and Shiroishi went one way, but Yu and Saki soon found the bomb. Shiroishi recognized the model, and with just over a minute left, narrowed down the disarming process to cutting either the red or yellow wire. After much deliberation, and with under ten seconds left, Rei called for him to cut the red wire. This successfully disarmed the explosive device, and excitedly asked Rei how she knew which wire to cut. She responded that a horoscope magazine had claimed red was her lucky color that week, and the shock of this revelation caused the professor to faint. Saki and Yu supported him outside where they met back up with Go, and they all shared a sarcastic glance as the two started bickering.

"Protect! A Small Life"

Shiroishi and Go tracked down a vial of Fallah to a nearby hospital operated by a former colleague of the professor's, named Ayako. The two had long since fallen out after Shiroishi's joining Crown, and she rejected their warnings, but allowed them to stay on the hospital grounds, where Shiroishi sat on a bench regretting his life choices. He reasoned that if he hadn't joined Crown things would be better, and Go might never have been converted into a Guyborg, and that if he had never become a scientist in the first place, Crown might never have gotten far enough with their Fallah research to cause the levels of destruction they had. While on the bench, a plane-shaped rubber band glider toy landed at his feet, and a young patient from a second floor window. The boy, named Hiroshi, came to get his plane from Shiroishi, and spoke with him about planes and his desire to become a pilot when he is well enough to go to school. Hiroshi was afflicted by a immunodeficiency, that Shiroishi suspected Fallah could have a hand in curing. It turned out that Hiroshi was one of Ayako's patients, and he claimed that both doctors had the same weary eyes. Go then spotted the Ayako holding a vial of Fallah before they all heard her scream. Shiroishi ran to protect his friend while Go battled the invading Metalferd Globe. During the fight, Hiroshi ran out to help, and was struck in the head by debris, causing him to be rushed into the operating room while Guyferd finished the fight. Unfortunately, Ayako discovered that the shipment of Hiroshi's rare blood type had been delayed by a landslide, and if Hiroshi did not receive it by morning, he would not survive. Shiroishi took all of the burden on himself and ran out into the storm to drive to the stranded truck only to find that his car would not start. Luckily for him, Detective Yuji Nakano had been monitoring the hospital after the Crown attack, and drove Shiroishi to the site, where he obtained the blood. On returning to the hospital, he was accosted by Globe, and some Fangs, but Hiroshi was soon able to enter surgery. With the threat eliminated, Go and Shiroishi left the hospital before the operation was complete, but he began to have more faith in himself, and believe that he was capable of doing good in the world.

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