Rei Kujo

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Rei Kujo
Rei Kujo
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Age 17
Occupation Student
Related to Yu Kujo (brother)
First appearance Guyferd Episode 1: "The Birth of Guyferd!"
Played by Asuka Shimizu

Rei Kujo (九條麗,   Kujō Rei) is a teenage character created by Toho who first appeared in episode 1 of the 1996 tokusatsu series, Guyferd titled "The Birth of Guyferd!"



"The Birth of Guyferd!"

Rei was a 17 year old student at the Kenouryu dojo lead by a man named Michiyuki Taki along with her little brother Yu. One day during training, a stranger entered the dojo while she and Yu were quarreling over a sparring match. Taki recognized the man, who revealed that he was the brother of the Kujos' friend Masato. They looked him up in a database of fighters and learned he was named Go Kazama, and he had been travelling the world for the last five years. Taki attacked the man, only to be humiliated in front of the class before storming out. He revealed that he came to search for his missing brother, and Rei revealed that he had been kidnapped.

"In Peril! Go"

Rei and her friend Kido began searching the dojo for clues on Masato's whereabouts while Yu went to check on a lead with the police. Go soon arrived and started teasing her, which caused her to rashly leave with Kido to the place Yu had learned about. They came to an abandoned building where they were ambushed by the Mutian monster Doggross. Kido tried to defend his friends but was quickly defeated before Go arrived and began putting up a real fight. Their battle ended when Doggross faltered and was escorted away by two Guyborgs. Using their parents vast sums of money, they set Go and his friend and former Crown scientist Takeo Shiroishi up in Masato's old apartment before going with Yu to follow a lead from a detective Yu spoke to earlier. They arrived in a railyard only to discover that it was a trap and that he was bought by Crown. Yu kicked his cuffs out of his hand, allowing Rei to use her Kenoryu training to defeat him. They ran to hide, only to have Doggross corner them. Luckily, Go arrived to save them, and Shiroishi ushered them to safety. Yu then spotted a hero called Guyferd, who defeated Doggross and disappeared before they returned to see Go passed out on the ground. With Go safe, they all went home.

"Did You See It? The Ultimate Supertransformation!"

After Go did not return from a journey to the birthplace of Kenouryu, Rei and Yu accompanied Doctor Shiroishi into the mountains to find him, despite his protests. Rei informed him that whether he liked it or not, they were already involved in his fight against Crown, and he couldn't stop them. While on the way to the dojo, Rei spotted crown agents called Fangs atop a nearby dam, and Shiroishi the serial number on the cases they carried as Arclight Explosives, Crown's ultimate bomb. Rei and the doctor then went to investigate while they sent Yu ahead to find and tell Go. The two did their best to tail the Fangs through the inner workings of the dam, but were soon caught by a fierce Mutian called Bolguiss. She and the professor were then chained to a ladder outside on the dam, where they were sure to perish in the impending detonation. Later on, they saw Go approaching Bolguiss on the other side of the river and called out to their friend, but his battle with the Mutian kept him from coming to their aid. Luckily, Yu and a girl named Saki from the hidden dojo arrived and tried to break their chains. They were unable to help, but they were set free when another student from the dojo broke their chains with his bare hands, allowing the four others to enter the dam and search for the bomb. Rei and Shiroishi went one way, but Yu and Saki soon found the bomb. With just over a minute left, Shiroishi narrowed down the disarming process to cutting either the red or yellow wire. After much deliberation, and with under ten seconds left, Rei called for him to cut the red wire, as a horoscope magazine had claimed her lucky color for that week was red. This successfully disarmed the explosive device, and when She explained her reasoning to the ecstatic professor, he fainted and had to be carried outside by Saki and Yu. Outside, they ran into Go, who had dispatched the Mutian threat. Rei berated him for his recklessness, and Go reminded her that he hadn't asked to be followed, which resulted in them bickering, to the exasperation of the rest of the group.



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